Mary Beard tries baking bread the Roman way
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Baking bread the Roman way

What were the Romans really like? Professor Mary Beard investigates how they lived in a new BBC Two documentary.

Every month, 200,000 Roman citizens were given a free ration of corn from the state - around 40 kilos. This was enough to make bread for two people for about a month.

Many of these citizens didn't have their own kitchens, so they relied on a baker to turn their corn into something they could eat.

Mary tries baking bread the Roman way and goes to visit the tomb of one baker, who left behind a monument based on bakery equipment used in Roman times.

Professor Mary Beard presents Meet The Romans on BBC Two at 21:00 BST on Tuesdays from 17 April. Watch online afterwards via BBC iPlayer at the above link.

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  • 16 Apr 2012
  • From the section World