Peepoo bags
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How sanitation is being improved in Kenya's slums

In Kenya's Kibera slum an experiment has been taking place to improve sanitation.

Kenya's Kibera is Africa's largest slum. But to many in this Nairobi suburb, toilets are the thing of dreams.

So they resort to so called 'flying toilets' where human waste is collected in plastic bags.

These often litter the environment and clutter open gutters. One organisation in Kenya is keen to end the problem and, for about a year, has been selling biodegradable bags to the slum residents.

The waste is collected and transformed into fertilizer. The BBC's Wazir Khamsin visited Silanga village in Kibera to find out whether the so-called 'Peepoo' bags have had any impact, and sent this report to our Network Africa programme.

  • 29 Sep
  • From the section Africa