Cesar Mba
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Cesar Mba: A poet's challenge to preserve a city

Cesar Mba Abogo is a poet with two huge ambitions - to use his work to preserve for future generations the image of a city that is being transformed at a blinding speed and to build the first book shop in his country, Equatorial Guinea.

"We are in Africa, we speak Spanish in a continent where no other country speaks Spanish, we have a very complex history with Spain, we have been through some very dramatic experiences in our history, and people don't know about Equatorial Guinea," he told BBC Africa's Manuel Toledo.

"Now with the oil, with the money, everybody speaks about Equatorial Guinea but people don't really know Equatorial Guinea, and I think that the role of the artists, the writers, the poets, is to be able to write about ourselves, about who we are," he added.

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  • 10 Feb 2012