Hong Kong building said to be haunted
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Is Hong Kong haunted?

Mak Tak-ching runs ''ghost tours'' of Hong Kong's old Wanchai district.

Despite Hong Kong's ultra-modern skyline, lurking in between the skyscrapers are pockets of old Hong Kong, soaked in a history at risk of being forgotten as new buildings and developments shoot up.

That is according to Mak Tak-ching, who runs ''ghost tours'' of the old Wanchai district.

The first tour of the year took place during Hong Kong's ghost festival month of August. In that month people burn offerings on the streets to placate their long-deceased ancestors. Many believe that the city is brimming with ghosts during that time.

Juliana Liu went on a ghost hunt with Mak Tak-ching.

  • 31 Oct
  • From the section Asia