Hasan Besmil, a famous traditional singer
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A message to President Karzai in a popular TV show

A popular talk show on Afghanistan's most watched TV channel, Tolo, does more entertainment than politics - but it recently had a message for the president.

Hasan Besmil, a famous traditional singer, changed the tone of the popular talk show, Qabe Goftogo, with his latest song.

He sang about the proposed US-Afghan security agreement which President Karzai has so far refused to sign.

Besmil's advice to the the president was straightforward:

"Sign the agreement with America, brother. People are worrying asking when you will sign the agreement... everyone, young and old, is advising this will be signed very soon, inshallah..."

The US-Afghan security pact is still causing controversy. Tolo TV was among several stations forced by the government to drop adverts urging support for the security agreement.

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