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What will US workers do with free time?

The BBC talks to federal workers who have used their unexpected - and unpaid - days off this year to start a new business manufacturing skis.

For hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are not deemed essential to the operation of the US government, a government shutdown will leave them on unpaid holiday.

It is an experience to which many in Washington DC have already become accustomed. When Congress failed to pass a budget in 2012, government agencies had to slash their budgets by reducing staff pay and hours, a procedure called the "sequester".

Four engineers in the US Navy took advantage of the unexpected - and unpaid - time off to start a business making skis in a basement.

The workers behind Kicker Snowsports talked to the BBC about their just-released first model, appropriately called the Furlough Friday, and their concerns about the current budget crisis.

Produced by Max Matza; filmed and edited by Markus Zeffler.