Paper Monitor: A 'quality' love triangle

Love triangles involving star footballers might usually be the preserve of the red-tops.

But throw in a bit of prime London real estate and the "quality" papers will be on to the story faster than you can say: "Fabregas, his lover and a £7m tussle with her disgruntled ex-husband".

That's how the Times described a court case involving the World Cup-winning former Arsenal skipper, Cesc.

Image caption Nothing to do with David Seaman

It reports that he's mixed up in a divorce settlement between Daniella Semaan (not to be confused with the Gunners' former keeper David Seaman) and former husband, Elie Taktouk.

Paper Monitor doesn't want to get too mixed up with the details but simply to enjoy the paper's delicate treatment of the case.

It explains: "Ms Semaan lives predominantly in west London although she is a frequent visitor to Barcelona, where she is looked after by Fabregas, 25.

"Her former husband alleged that the footballer's care extended back across the Channel, where he continued to finance her life in London."

It seems the footballer has cared for her so well that she gave birth to his first child a fortnight ago, and Taktouk is unhappy about having been ordered by a court to shell out for a home for his former wife, with whom he has two children.

The Court of Appeal will rule in due course. But, in the meantime, the papers make hay. The Daily Telegraph uses photos of Fabregas and Semaan - both scantily clad - while on holiday in Italy.

The case is perfect middle-market fodder, and the Daily Mail helpfully points out that Semaan is "stunning" and publishes no fewer than seven photographs of her on its website.

No doubt it's to make doubly sure readers avoid that tricky David Seaman confusion.