10 things we didn't know last week

1. Eccles cakes should not be microwaved.

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2. Cockroach taste cells have evolved to outwit glucose traps.

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3. The creator of the GIF says it should be pronounced "jif".

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4. The French call a walkie-talkie a talkie-walkie.

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5. Fungi's favourite place to live on the body is the heel.

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6. The Borussia in Dortmund is the Latin name for Prussia but the team is said to have been named after the local brewery.

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7. Vitamin C can kill drug resistant TB.

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8. Neanderthal babies were weaned after 1.2 years.

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9. Changing the spelling of common names is known as kree8iv.

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10. The pigment gene SLC45A2 causes tigers to be white.

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