10 things we didn't know last week

  • 12 July 2013

1. Ampersand was once an actual letter which followed the letter Z in the Latin alphabet.

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2. Worldwide, 27% of people say that they paid a bribe to get public services last year.

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3. Finland hosts a world wife-carrying championship.

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4. The film Life of Brian remains banned in parts of Germany, but only on Good Friday.

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5. Thresher sharks hunt prey with their tails.

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6. Tabasco is on the Queen's shopping list.

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7. Singing in a choir is good for your heart.

Find out more (New Scientist)

8. The Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams is the most frequently misquoted song in the UK.

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9. The EU funds a jellyfish monitoring programme.

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10. The manuscript of Samuel Beckett's first novel, Murphy, was covered in doodles.

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