Paper Monitor: Don't call me a...

sylvester stallone launches John Rambo

It's meagre rations at Paper Monitor Towers with no newspaper delivery.

But Metro, purloined at our local transport interchange, has a story about words banned by Birmingham City Council. The municipal authorities in England's second city have decided the time is ripe to ban "Commie" from all incoming email.

Paper Monitor's last memory of when the term was in regular usage is 1980s movie franchise Rambo. And the speeches of President Ronald Reagan. Is there a Cold War revival going on in the West Mids?

The paper says the council seems happy for people to use "Nazi" or "fascist". But "redneck", a barb often aimed at rightwingers, is verboten.

If you must insult lefties, then "pinko", "Bolshevik" and "red" - yep as long as there's no neck nearby - are all fine.

A total of 130 words have been banned by the council with Metro keen to highlight the anatomical among them - nipple, testicles, foreskin. No sniggering at the back.

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