Go Figure: The week in numbers

  • 6 June 2014

Look back at the week in numbers with our Go Figure images, which are posted daily on social media.

17,000 solar cells to circumnavigate the globe. 24,900 miles without a single tank of gas.

Monday: One-man, solar plane set to break flight records.

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Can 86 billion neurons be improved by one extra language

Monday: Learning another language can have a positive effect on the brain.

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Mega-Earth discovered. Kepler-10c is twice the diameter and 17 times the mass of Earth.

Tuesday: New type of planet discovered. Astronomers name it the mega-Earth.

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China has over 620 million internet users but zero discussions online about the Tiananmen Square. (China's authorities censor all references to the protests.)

Wednesday: China suppresses online discussion on anniversary of Tiananmen massacre.

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It only costs $100,000 to buy citizenship in Dominica but for Malta it will cost you $1.5m.

Wednesday: Two billion dollars is spent each year on acquiring second passports.

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Ronaldo: 15 goals in 19 World Cup appearances.

Thursday: Pick your all-time greatest World Cup players.

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Should Fifa protect 170,000 hectares of forest to save the Brazilian three-banded armadillo?

Thursday: Scientists ask Fifa to help protect the armadillo behind their World Cup mascot.

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D-Day landings

Friday: The Normandy landings remembered, 70 years on.

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