10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Kelis doesn't like milkshake. If she did, it would more than likely be better than yours.

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2. People with a conscientious spouse are 11% more likely to get a promotion at work.

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3. There is a vast difference between what Kung bushmen talk about in daylight hours and after dark.

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4. Polar bears have switched from eating to seals to eating snow geese.

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5. Typical ground level in Roman London is 7m below today's city.

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6. Roasted nuts are more likely to spark an allergic reaction than raw.

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7. Dreams get weirder as the night wears on.

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8. The University of Phoenix is the world's most Googled.

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9. It's actually fairly easy to weigh an ant.

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10. Turmeric is good for rat brains.

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