10 things we didn't know last week

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1. It is almost impossible to take a German-registered car into Japan.

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2. Popping a criminal's phone in a microwave and closing the door (but not switching it on) stops said criminal wiping it remotely.

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3. When manager of Sunderland, Roy Keane opted not to sign Robbie Savage because of his voicemail greeting which went went "Hi, it's Robbie - whazzup!"

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4. Being obese has the same effect on Swedish men's earnings as having no undergraduate degree.

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5. The sexual behaviour of mice is determined by a small number of neurons that respond to the hormone oxytocin.

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6. President Obama asked the makers of Homeland to "be gentle on Carrie" in the show's fourth series.

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7. Norwich is the Y-fronts capital of Britain.

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8. In China goat hair is sneaked into hair extensions.

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9. More Americans speak Arabic at home than Italian or Polish.

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10. When climbing steep dunes, sidewinder rattlesnakes flatten themselves to increase contact with the sand.

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