10 things we didn't know last week

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1. An egg can be unboiled.

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2. Dutch babies smile, laugh and enjoy cuddling more than their US counterparts.

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3. There are four different ways to pronounce diplodocus, and the way children say it is probably more technically correct than the academics' preferred method.

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4. Toilet paper is getting smaller.

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5. TV crime dramas are good for the brain.

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6. The athletic performance of early risers peaks at noon.

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7. Manot Cave in Israel is the most likely contender for the location where humans and Neanderthals first had sex.

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8. Malawi's national football team was briefly coached by a 17-year-old from Colchester.

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9. Baby chickens associate low and high numbers with left and right, respectively.

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10. In 2004, 24% of households in China owned a fridge. Ten years later this had shot up to 88%.

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