Caption Challenge: Trombone banana

Man dressed as banana with a trombone Image copyright AP

Winning entries in the Caption Challenge.

The competition is now closed.

This week a man dressed as a banana plays a trombone.

Thanks to all who entered. The prize of a small amount of kudos to the following:

6. Hang the DJ:

Early photos suggest Blur will be taking a somewhat different direction on their new album.

5. Tricia Kelly:

Government trials a new street-based sax education scheme.

4. Paul Murphy:

"We may have written one episode while on acid", admit Treme writers.

3. Bradley Merren:

Peel sessions.

2. Andy Carnie:

I said wear a bandana!

1. Matt Marklew:

Grimsby Mardi Gras "every bit the equal of New Orleans" claims local councillor.

Full rules can be seen here [16KB]

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