10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Mares prefer stallions with deep whinnies.

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2. UK Chancellor George Osborne is amused by the idea of visiting a hard hat factory.

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3. Scotland has the terroir for growing the world's finest tea.

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4. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the world.

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5. Winston Churchill tried to give Lincoln Cathedral's copy of Magna Carta to the US to help convince the Americans to join World War Two.

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6. Putting a lightbulb inside a fruit or vegetable shows that they all emit light differently - rough surfaced items like cauliflower create the most interesting effect.

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7. A man-sized lobster lived 480 million years ago.

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8. At Hotel Football, run by ex-Manchester United players, Gary Neville is represented in the bathroom by blackcurrant extract shampoo while brother Phil is a bar of soap.

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9. Chameleons change colour by rearranging crystals rather than dispersing pigments.

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10. The Finnish prime minister has a 95-year-old great uncle who skis every Saturday and Sunday.

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