10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Former UK Liberal Democrat party leader Lord Ashdown told his successor that he used to eat hedgehogs.

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2. People drink beer more slowly from straight pint glasses than they do from curved ones.

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3. Common People by Pulp may have been written about Danae Stratou, wife of Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.

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4. In the north-east of England, Conservative candidates used to wear red, Liberals blue and Labour green rosettes until the 1970s.

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5. There were three "revolutions" in western pop music - in 1964, 1983 and 1991.

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6. Gold-plated onion cells could be made into artificial muscles.

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7. India is the fastest moving "continent" in history.

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8. Millionaires' biggest regret is having made a mistake in a relationship with their family.

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9. David Dimbleby eats bananas and smokes the odd cigar to stay alert during the UK election coverage. Jeremy Paxman opts for jelly babies.

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10. The religious goods business in Italy is estimated to be worth about £3.4bn ($5.2bn) - more than the country earns from exporting wine.

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