10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Tom Cruise advised Nasa on how to design their website.

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2. Drug dealers in Marseille offer loyalty cards.

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3.Police at the US Capitol receive training to prevent them leaving their guns behind when they go to the toilet.

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4. "Cazh", meaning casual, is now acceptable in Scrabble - as well as "lolz","shizzle" and "bezzy".

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5. It's possible to brew morphine using a home-made beer kit.

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6. Young blood can mend old broken bones.

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7. Crows are protective of their tools - they tuck them under their toes or hide them in holes - even more so when higher up a tree.

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8. The modern strawberry was born after a French spy brought back a South American species from Chile in 1712.

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9. Wives of the super-rich in New York sometimes earn bonuses from their husbands for getting the children into prestigious schools or managing the home budget well.

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10. Stone tools existed before the earliest humans.

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