Kazakhstan: Hackers 'beam porn film' onto concert hall screen

Hackers beamed a trailer for a porn film onto the side of Kazakhstan's Palace of the Republic, it's been claimed.

Police in the central Asian country's former capital Almaty are investigating reports that someone accessed a system that projects video onto the facade of the huge concert hall, and set it playing a clip from an erotic film, according to private website Tengrinews. A video shot on a mobile phone subsequently appeared on YouTube showing the contentious images on the screen that fills the entire front of the newly-refurbished palace. It appears to have since been removed. Tengrinews quotes one of the centre's managers as saying the display can be controlled via the internet and the incident bears the marks of a hacker-break-in.

It's not the first time that public video screens have outraged public decency with inappropriate content. Last month, people in the Chinese city of Jilin were reportedly treated to 10 minutes of adult film The Forbidden Legend of Sex and Chopsticks after a technician forgot to disconnect his laptop when he'd finished running tests on a screen near the railway station.

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