Russia: Ukrainian women offered 'lodging for soup'

Page from the UkrainianToEveryHouse website Image copyright VKontakte / MDK

Russian social media users are offering free lodging in exchange for a bowl of soup to Ukrainian women wanting to leave the country, it seems.

The new service, called Ukrainian To Every House, appears to connect Russian "guys" offering accommodation, and Ukrainian "girls" looking for a place to stay. It was launched on the popular VKontakte network by MDK, its largest user group with 4.6 million subscribers.

It is suggested that the women cook Ukrainian borscht soup, do housework, and offer money or even sex in exchange for the free bed, the Russian Tjournal social media news website says.

The project claims more than a dozen women have been matched through the website, and that it helps people "escape Banderite Ukraine". Western Ukrainians were sometimes called Banderites - after the wartime partisan leader Stepan Bandera - in Soviet-era propaganda. At one point, Bandera was allied with the Nazis.

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