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    Comment number 38.

    He needs the help of "OUCH". He had a very strict up bringing by his parents MR.TRASH ASS and MRS CANTANKEROUS. He was only allowed to watch news and documentaries. He wasn't allowed to watch children's TV with silly noises, like Pinky & Perky,Clangers & Bill and Ben. He became Dyslexic & Discalculia & up graded to slightly retarded. He still doesn't know what it means

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    Comment number 37.


    Re 21. If the BBC didn't get involved in joint ventures.... shame they are not British companies.
    You can work on your own initiative as well as relying on others to fill your day. They have no other option than to do just that.

    If people stopped whingeing and actually did something, a lot more would get done. Like? Just look at e-petitions.

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    Comment number 36.


    Really? I think not, and I could could say the same about your response.
    Think 31, 22 etc. have it in a nutshell.

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    Comment number 35.

    25. Megan "we just have things we cannot do that you can... there again, maybe I can do stuff that you cannot!"

    Quite. My Asperger's poses many difficulties with social interaction, adapting to change and crowded / stressful situations. The trade-off is an IQ of 140. Recently I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt that read "I'm an Aspie: what's your super power?" Brave to advertise it, but so so true.

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    Comment number 34.

    23. Gammarus "No doubt a vehicle of the Left"

    More likely than not. But that's because despite their many faults (petty authoritarianism being one), progressives generally have some compassion for those less fortunate, whereas if the Tories had their way we'd probably be back in Dickensian times with those unable to access the almshouses and workhouses begging in rags on the streets.


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