Talk show 118: Driving, prison, being a disabled man

On this month's show: The man who was in prison three years ago and now hopes to reach the Rio Paralympics. Will blind and severely disabled people ever be able to travel independently in driverless cars? Plus the male student who says having cerebral palsy led to anorexia.

With Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan.

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Media captionThe long-running talk show about disabled life returns with the April edition

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More about this month's guests and discussions:

  • Craig Green left prison three years ago. He is now the manager of a gym and is working towards competing as a cyclist at the Rio Paralympics in 2016. This September he's supporting Scope at Ride London. Read an article about his story on the Ouch blog.
  • As a teenager, Ryan Branson says having cerebral palsy led to a poor body image, low self-esteem and ultimately to anorexia. At 25 he's now studying eating disorders because he wants to help others who are affected. Watch a video of Ryan.
  • Music this month comes from Hulkenburg, an alternative rock duo from Bedford. Listen to the show to hear the disability link.

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Producer: Damon Rose.

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