Newspaper headlines: Pensions shake-up and a mini-heatwave

Several papers feature stories about the pension changes which have now come into effect.

The Guardian's lead is a minister's warning not to "blow your pension today" as people get the right to withdraw some or all of their pension in a lump.

The Times predicts the taxman could be one of the biggest winners from the changes.

It says documents, published alongside last month's Budget, show the Treasury expects a windfall of £370m this year, as savers withdraw money from their pension pots and get taxed in the process.

Under the headline "Pensions shake-up shambles", the Daily Mail reports that fewer than 300 advisers have been hired to staff a free advice service.

It suggests a lack of proper guidance could leave pensioners at the mercy of fraudsters - but the Treasury tells the paper the service can provide 400,000 face-to-face appointments over the next year.

'Breathtaking hypocrisy'

It's "money back Monday", say the Sun and the Daily Express - which both highlight a claim by the Conservatives that nearly everyone in the country will be £200 better off this year thanks to tax and welfare changes.

The Independent reports that the Liberal Democrats have becoming increasingly angry at Conservative attempts to take credit for raising the threshold at which people pay tax.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander tells the paper it was the Lib Dems who put raising the tax-free allowance on the political agenda -- and he accuses top Conservatives of "breathtaking hypocrisy".

'Gloom-busting sun'

Predictions of warmer weather make the front pages of several newspapers.

The Daily Express says Britain is to get a taste of summer, with a "mini-heatwave" bringing temperatures close to 21C (70F) in the South, and 17C in northern counties of England by Friday.

The Daily Star reports forecasters are promising the "gloom-busting heatwave" will kick off the summer, while the Daily Mirror highlights the warmer conditions already affecting some areas - with a photograph of the sun setting over the beach at Westward Ho! North Devon, and the headline "Britain is set for week of holiday sun".

Health fears

Image caption A war veteran tells the Daily Mirror he pulled out 13 of his own teeth with pliers

A warning that much of modern medicine - such as organ transplantation - could become unsafe, is highlighted by the Daily Telegraph.

On its front page, it reports the findings of the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies that a new generation of super-bugs, resistant to antibiotics, could lead to longer illnesses and premature deaths.

The Times says pharmaceutical giants will come under pressure to plough their resources into tackling anti-microbial resistance.

The Daily Mirror devotes its front page to claims that many patients are increasingly using DIY repair kits, or are pulling out their own teeth, rather than paying a dentist.

A Gulf War veteran tells the paper he pulled out 13 of his own teeth with pliers because he was unable to find an NHS dentist and could not afford private fees.

But the Department of Health says more people than ever are receiving dental treatment from the NHS.

'Jihad' protest

Image caption Abase Hussen, whose daughter Amira Abase is believed to have gone to Syria, says she is no extremist

The Guardian highlights fresh comments by Britain's leading Muslim prosecutor about the dangers posed by Islamic State.

Nazir Afzal, who is stepping down as head of the Crown Prosecution Service in north-west England, says hundreds of British teenagers are at risk of being radicalised because they see the militants as "pop idols".

In the Times, the father of one of the London schoolgirls thought to have travelled to Syria admits he attended a protest outside the American embassy, during which the crowd chanted the word "jihad".

But Abase Hussen insists he is not an extremist - and neither is his daughter.

'Greatest city'

Speculation that the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is considering running as a Conservative candidate for the same job in London continues in the Mail.

Writing in the Telegraph, the current London Mayor, Boris Johnson, welcomes Mr Bloomberg's possible entry into British politics.

"Mike, you've done the apprenticeship, and with great distinction," Mr Johnson says.

"Now it's time to step up to the plate and take on the leadership of the greatest city on earth."

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