Newspaper headlines: Storm Katie and EU killers dossier

No single story dominates Tuesday's headlines - but pictures of the damage done by Storm Katie appear on several front pages.

Two people are feared to have died as the "weather bomb" hit Britain, the Daily Star reports.

It says winds of 106mph "trashed" parts of the country, uprooting trees, ripping roofs of buildings and causing travel chaos.

One of those feared dead is a father who was on the River Wey in Guildford when his kayak capsized and he was swept away as his son looked on, the Telegraph reports.

The boy was also in the kayak but managed to swim ashore, it says.

Meanwhile the paper says air passengers spoke of their "terror" after landings were aborted in south-east England.

One passenger quoted in the Times says his flight was "dropping suddenly and swinging left to right" as it approached Gatwick, before the pilot aborted the landing "at the last moment".

The plane was then diverted to Stansted and circled for an hour before changing plans again and finally landing in Birmingham, the passenger says.

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The New Day, which like many papers features a picture of a car crushed by a tree in Brighton, describes Katie as "the ugly storm with a pretty name".

And there's "more misery on the way", the Express warns, saying there is a high risk of flooding in some areas.

'Proper checks'

EU free movement rules have let dozens of foreign criminals commit "horrific" crimes in Britain, according to analysis reported in the Daily Mail.

It quotes a report by Brexit campaign group Vote Leave, which lists 50 of the "most dangerous" European criminals who have entered the UK despite convictions in their home countries.

It says 45 of them committed serious offences - including 14 killings and 13 sex crimes - once in Britain.

The paper says the dossier is not a "project fear" tactic, arguing that the cases are "all too real" and are the result of EU rules which "stop us demanding proper checks" on people's movement.

The Telegraph says EU criminals entering Britain included "murderers, rapists, paedophiles and one of the world's most-wanted terrorists".

It says Britain can stop EU offenders who pose a "serious threat" from entering the country - but European nations are "not compelled to share the criminal records of their offenders".

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The only way to keep foreign criminals out, the Express argues, is by voting to leave the EU in June's referendum.

But the Guardian says Vote Leave has been "condemned" over the dossier, which has been dismissed as "scaremongering" by campaign group Britain Stronger in Europe.

The paper says the dossier "intensifies the Vote Leave campaign by appearing to play on voter fears".

Vote Leave is led by Conservative Michael Gove, and in a cartoon the Telegraph depicts Mr Gove being throttled by his party leader David Cameron - who wants the UK to stay in the EU - as the pair fly a plane through "Storm Brexit".

'Fight the westerners'

Staying with European security issues, the Guardian reports that young men in the Molenbeek district of Brussels have been sent text messages calling on them to "fight the westerners".

The messages were sent on Sunday night - days after the Brussels attacks which killed more than 30 people - and it is not known how the anonymous sender got the recipients' numbers, the paper says.

It says the full message, written in French, said: "My brother, why not fight the westerners? Make the right choice in your life."

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Image caption Flowers have been laid in Brussels following last week's attacks

Eye-catching headlines

  • Holidaymakers' mutiny on the Riviera Express - Passengers who were ordered off an overcrowded train "refused to move", the Telegraph reports. It says people heading from London to Cornwall for the Easter break were packed in "like sardines" - and police were called when some refused an order from rail staff to get off at Plymouth.
  • No screaming on the rollercoaster - A Devon theme park has banned visitors from screaming on its new ride because it might upset the neighbours, the Daily Star reports.
  • Dementia sufferers wrongly told they are having a mid-life crisis - Experts have warned that middle-aged people with dementia are being told they are having marriage problems, menopause or a mid-life crisis because doctors fail to recognise that memory is not always affected, the Times says.
  • Couple who live like Saxons - A Lincolnshire couple have built a Saxon house in their back garden using 7th Century tools and methods, the Express says.

What the commentators say

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Media captionClaire Cohen, deputy women's editor of the Telegraph, and Westminster reporter Rob Merrick join the BBC News Channel to discuss Tuesday's front pages.

'Wonderhaul', cruise chase and Easter aches

A public poll on the "best British song of all time" gave the top four slots to Oasis, the Mirror reports.

Wonderwall was voted number one, followed by Don't Look Back in Anger, Champagne Supernova and Live Forever, the paper says.

The top 20 songs - as chosen by more than 50,000 Radio X listeners - also include Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor by the Arctic Monkeys and Heroes by David Bowie.

And heroes were needed when a British pensioner decided to swim after a cruise ship that left port without her, the Sun says.

The crew of a fishing boat heard the woman's cries and found her "clinging to her handbag in the dark a third of a mile off the coast of Madeira", it reports.

More strange behaviour features in the Daily Mail, which says people turned up to A&E departments over the weekend with indigestion after gorging on Easter eggs.

It quotes a hospital trust which posted about the problem on Facebook and advised chocoholics to rest and drink plenty of water rather than going to hospital.

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