Newspaper headlines: GPs quiz sexuality, and 'divisive' Hammond

The Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday both lead with the story that NHS doctors and nurses in England will be required to ask patients about their sexual orientation.

"Doctors to ask: are you gay?" is the headline in the Mail, which says the "astonishing diktat" has been condemned as "intrusive" and "insulting".

It says: "Never before has the state insisted citizens face a question about their sexual identity." Dr Peter Swinyard, of the Family Doctor Association, tells the Mail that it is "a confounded cheek".

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The Sunday Express welcomes life sentences for causing death by dangerous driving.

"For too long", it argues, "the scales of justice have been tipped in favour of those who treat our roads like their own personal race track."

The Sunday Mirror agrees. In its opinion, drivers who kill through a "cavalier" disregard for the lives of others are no less guilty of manslaughter - "because their weapon was a car".

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the Conservatives' allies, the Democratic Unionists, have told Theresa May to sack the chancellor, Philip Hammond, unless he changes his "highly sceptical" approach to Brexit.

The paper says senior DUP parliamentary sources are "deeply concerned" that Mr Hammond is "divisive" and appears to be "trying to frustrate the negotiating process".

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, the former Conservative deputy prime minister, Lord Heseltine, complains that the chancellor is being made a scapegoat and subjected to a "show trial" by Brexiteers.

The Observer tells the prime minister she must silence what it calls the "deluded no-Brexit-deal zealots" in her party.

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The Sun on Sunday reports that the chancellor is planning a "daring" November Budget to boost Brexit and save his job, predicting a cut in air passenger duty.

The Sunday Times says plans for a "safety first" Budget have been ditched - and Mr Hammond is planning something "big and bold".

Ideas under consideration, it reports, are lower tax rates for young people and writing off student loans.

Finally, The Washington Post carries a full-page advertisement offering a reward of $10m (£7.5m) for information leading to the impeachment of President Trump.

The ad has been placed by the pornographic magazine publisher, Larry Flynt, who tells the Post he cannot think of anything more patriotic to do than to try "to get this moron out of office".