Newspaper headlines: EU solidarity over Russia and blue passport furore

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The Daily Mail vents its anger at the announcement that the UK's new blue passports will be made in France. Its front page headline urges ministers to "Stand up for Britain - for once". The paper's comment page calls the decision "imbecilic and perverse" and asks: "Do Britain's ruling class hate our country, its history, its culture and the peoples' sense of identity?"

The Daily Mirror calls it "the betrayal" and highlights the risk to hundreds of British jobs. By contrast, the Sun says the £120m that will be saved could be spent on the NHS. Switching to a cheaper French supplier may be annoying, but "c'est la vie".

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The Daily Telegraph reports the Crown Prosecution Service is refusing to review another case involving the serial sex attacker, John Worboys, despite a civil court ruling that he raped the complainant. The woman tells the paper that it's "vitally important" her case is heard, as Worboys was only convicted of one rape, and could be released.

The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable is accused of creating "fake news" in a Daily Mail headline. The paper reports that Mr Cable had claimed that eight European prime ministers had backed a second Brexit vote, only for that to be denied shortly afterwards by a European liberal group they all belong to.

The Politics Home website describes it as a "humiliation" and points out a further embarrassment that one of the politicians on the list had already resigned as Slovenia's prime minister.

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Many of the papers examine a scientific report on what's been described as "the Atacama Alien". The Times and the Guardian have pictures of the six-inch skeleton with an elongated head that was discovered in Chile in 2003. Now tests carried out in California have proved that the remains are human. Experts have concluded it was a baby girl, with a catalogue of genetic mutations, who probably died shortly after being born.

And "check your post" is the advice in the Sun. It's one of several papers to note that 600 Royal Wedding invitations from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dispatched. The Daily Telegraph features the 24 year-old printer, Lottie Small, who was secretly tasked with producing them. She tells the paper she was "unbelievably excited", and the hardest part was not being able to tell her mum.