#BBCtrending radio: Racism in Tokyo, and 'sexism' in Delhi

Two men sitting in "ladies-only" seats on the Delhi metro Image copyright Facebook

On the latest #BBCtrending radio, we take you to the streets of Shin-Okubo, a part of Tokyo known as "Korea Town".

Our presenter Mukul Devichand speaks to anti-racism activists who've been mapping the spread of anti-Korean graffiti, and to the BBC's Mariko Oi about the rise of the "netuoyo" or online nationalists.

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Media caption"What Japan needs most is a law against racial discrimination": The latest BBC Trending

We have more on the photo of men sitting on ladies seats, which we spotted going viral in India earlier this week - featuring Rupa Jha of BBC Hindi.

And of course, because it's #BBCtrending radio, there's plenty of fun in the studio, with an off-beat discussion about two world leaders, and the dulcet tones of producer Michael Wendling.

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