#BBCtrending: The 11-year-old politico told to go to Disneyland

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What should 11-year-olds enjoy? Computer games? Theme parks? What about election campaigns? An Argentinian boy has sparked a debate on social media, after speaking fluently about politics on live television.

"By 2050 I want to run for presidency," said Casey Wander, 11, at an event commemorating the deceased president Nestor Kirchner.

Wander's confidence took the journalist interviewing him by surprise. Soon dozens of versions of the video were uploaded to YouTube, and comments began flooding in. "I can't believe it. To the kid's parents: bring back his childhood," read one. Even Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tweeted about the interview, saying she wanted to meet the boy.

Wander said he "adored" Nestor Kirchner for everything he'd done for Argentina. He praised the former president's work on assisted reproductive technology. "I don't agree that to become a parent you have to pay 10,000 pesos ($1,200; £750). A middle-class couple can't pay that amount." His interest in politics arose when he was seven, he explained, and by eight, after hearing the campaign debates of the 2011 presidential election, he was hooked.

Soon well-known opposition journalist, Jorge Lanata, waded into the debate. "This is an example of years of propaganda and brainwashing we've all been subjected to, even young people," he said on his television programme. He also offered Wander some advice: "Go to Disneyland, you are just an 11 year-old with a PlayStation."

Lanata's remarks prompted Wander's mother, Nydia Lirola, to come to her son's defence on Facebook. "The boy is fine, he goes to school everyday. On Friday he went to the theatre, and yesterday he went to a birthday party. He leads a normal life," she wrote.

According to the current rules, Wander will have to wait until he's 30 before running for president in Argentina, so has plenty of time to draw up his manifesto.

Reporting by Gabriela Torres

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