#BBCtrending: #WhiteVanGate trends after Emily Thornberry resigns

Doctored image to show Harrods van parked outside Rochester house Image copyright Twitter
Image caption The image of the van Ms Thornberry tweeted is given a facelift

The #WhiteVanGate hashtag has taken off online as web users debate, and poke fun at, Labour MP Emily Thornberry's controversial tweet.

Emily Thornberry's resignation from the shadow cabinet following a tweet she sent of a picture of a house in Rochester with three England flags and a white van parked outside is provoking a lot of discussion online, and also serving as comic inspiration for some Twitter users.

Image copyright Twitter
Image caption The country's most famous front door is drawn into the debate
Image copyright Twitter
Image caption An image of Emily Thornberry's Islington home is doctored
Image copyright Ruth Alexander-NBH
Image caption An image posted from a spoof Ed Balls Twitter account

The #WhiteVanGate hashtag has been tweeted almost 3,500 times. Ms Thornberry's original tweet which she posted on Thursday, while voting was taking place in the Rochester by-election, has been retweeted more than 800 times; her subsequent apology more than 300 times.

Reporting by Ruth Alexander

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