#BBCTrending: Chechen leader sends mixed Instagram messages

Ramzan Kadyrov with the new Russian YotaPhone 2 Image copyright Ramzan Kadyrov
Image caption Ramzan Kadyrov with the new Russian YotaPhone 2

Chechnya's leader has received flak for promoting Russian products and criticising the West, using an American social network.

BBC Russian reported that avid Instagrammer Ramzan Kadyrov denounced "the US military industrial complex" in a post that received more than 20,000 likes.

He urged his countrymen to turn their backs on the likes of Facebook and Twitter in favour of a Russian-owned network.

"Our vkontakte.ru is just as good. Let's move gradually to it," he wrote.

The problem was he posted the message on Instagram, a social media site owned by Facebook and based in California.

Twitter users were quick to point out the faux pas. Oxana Chizh raised an electronic eyebrow at Kadyrov's use of the "apparently Zelenograd-based Instagram" - a reference to a remote borough of Moscow, which Russia has promoted as an alternative to Silicon Valley.

Kadyrov's post lists the virtues of a new Russian-designed smartphone, the YotaPhone 2, and he's pictured using one of the new phones, but it wasn't long before comments pointed out a piece of American technology was lurking in the background.

"The appeal of using domestic [goods] is clear. Kadyrov's right. But there is clearly an iPhone sitting on the table," pointed out ‏Twitter user kaptzanilya, a Russian based in Berlin.

Image copyright Ramzan Kadyrov
Image caption Detail from the Instagram picture showing Kadyrov with a Russian YotaPhone - but an iPhone is sitting on the table

And even the YotaPhone isn't as purely Russian as Kadyrov might think, according to Twitter user tato_Alex in Ukraine:

"Kadyrov praises the 'unique' Russian smartphone YotaPhone - which is based on the US Qualcomm processor, supervised by Google Android and assembled in China," he said.

Kadyrov, Chechnya's pro-Russian leader, has overseen huge rebuilding projects, but has also come under intense criticism from human rights groups.

He has more than 650,000 Instagram followers and is no stranger to social media spats. Last month he posted a graphic photo allegedly of the corpse of a Chechen Islamic State fighter. The photo turned out to be a fake.

Reporting by Mikhail Poplavsky

Blog by Mike Wendling

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