#MyLastWordsIn5Words: profound, banal, or funny?

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"Please delete my browsing history."

Are these really the last five words you would choose to say before you died?

#MyLastWordsin5Words has been trending worldwide.

It seems similar to another trend from earlier in the week, #HowToRuinADateInFiveWords.

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The hashtag may originally have been influenced by the works of American comedian George Carlin whose book Last Words, was published posthumously in 2009.

The current trend though was apparently started as a game by a comedy showcase in Detroit, The Hashtag Comedy Show.

George Carlin's daughter Kelly reminds us in a blog post that final conversations can be quite banal. In a Huffington Post blog, she recalled the last words she said to her mother while her mother was still lucid.

"'Drink your orange juice or I'm calling the paramedics.' Not what I would have chosen as my last words to her. But that's the thing with being in the middle of a crisis - there is no grand moment or time to reflect. It's just do."

So what would your last words be?

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