China's Tube Crush: your reactions

Our story about how images of male London commuters are going viral in China attracted a big response on Facebook and Twitter.

Some "don't give a rat's bananas" and think it's "a slow news day" when the BBC reports on the popularity of in China. But the site's popularity in China was still intriguing to many readers.

The piece also raised deeper issues for many. Is it strange to secretly take a photo of someone you find attractive on public transport and upload it to the internet? Yes, is the answer, as far as most of our readers are concerned. In fact, if we were to make a word cloud of the reaction to this story, "creepy" and "perverted" are the words which would most likely stand out the most.

Many people took issue with the entire concept of Tube Crush and said it was an invasion of privacy. Facebook users said things like "taking photos without them knowing feels wrong to me" and "there is no privacy in the world nowadays. Blame technology for privacy erosion".

A lot of people also felt there was a double standard and said there would be a very different response if women were being photographed. "So it's okay for women to stalk men but not okay for men to stalk women? Okay!"

(The people behind Tube Crush responded to these criticisms in our original story).

But some saw the funny side with a typical tweet saying: "I think I've been getting the wrong tube cause I never see this on my journey".

Compiled by Anne-Marie Tomchak

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