We've Moved

  • 2 February 2017

Thanks for visiting the BBC Ouch blog. We've decided to move all of our best features, videos and audio to the BBC Ouch programmes page. The very best of the BBC's stories and analysis about disability and mental health can be found on the disability news index.

Even though we're no longer updating this blog you might want to scroll through it anyway as there are some great posts which might be of interest.

We're still producing our weekly podcasts and monthly talk-shows so make sure you tune in for those and sign up here so they automatically download for you. Don't forget to tweet, email or visit our Facebook page to tell us your news as we love to hear from you.

Thanks for everything!

The BBC Ouch team

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Tales from the train

  • 24 March 2016
Media captionThe team share personal stories about journeys on public transport

On a day when a House of Lords report suggests, amongst other things, that transport remains significantly inaccessible to disabled people, the Ouch team share stories about their regular travel experiences and more interesting journeys.

With Damon Rose, Kathleen Hawkins, Beth Rose and Johny Casidy

How to listen

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Vegetable, vegetable or vegetable?

  • 18 March 2016
Media captionWe rewind to 2007 and a game of Vegetable, vegetable or vegetable?

Ten years since BBC Ouch's podcast first began, we delve into the archives to look back at our own version of the parlour game Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Our irreverent version - Vegetable, vegetable or vegetable? - involved our presenters trying to work out a caller's disability from their simple 'yes' or 'no' answers.

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Sex and money

  • 11 March 2016
Media captionThe people 'turned on' by disability, and the writer who says capitalism is disabling

This month's hour-long programme delves into the worlds of sex and capitalism - both of which have their unsavoury elements as we discover. Also, going against the grain perhaps, a campaign to promote the use of the word "disability".

With guests Emily Yeats, Roddy Slorach and Lawrence Carter-Long .

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On this special day

  • 7 March 2016
Media captionThe team discuss those big awareness days like International Wheelchair Day or Autism Day

Every day of the year seems to be affiliated to a condition, cause or charity as part of the calendar of National Days. Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February each year, 3 December is International Day of People with Disabilities and White Cane Day takes place on 15, . December. There are many more.

On this week's Inside Ouch podcast, the team discuss whether these calendared events make a positive impact.

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Disabled characters in fiction

  • 26 February 2016
Media captionWe share our thoughts on fictional disabled characters who have caught our imagination.

Characters in films, books and on TV often make indelible impressions upon us, especially at a young age. On this week's Inside Ouch, the team discuss the fictional disabled characters that have stayed with them.

Remember what happened to Mary in Little House on the Prairie, or Colin in The Secret Garden? Do you recall what it was that Katie did in that book, and in the Jodie Foster film Contact - who was the disabled character?

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Your disability anniversary

  • 19 February 2016
Media captionDo you mark the day you became disabled? The team discuss, with guests.

Do you have a "disability anniversary"? And is it a good or bad day for you? The Ouch team discuss anniversaries with guests Sofia and her dad Nick.

About our guests

Every year on 17 February, 11-year-old Sofia Crockatt and her family celebrate what they call Bug-busting Day. It's the anniversary of the day Sofia contracted Meningococcal when she was two and when the fight started to make her well. As part of her treatment to stop the "bug" from spreading, she had to lose her left leg below the knee.

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'Charging the battery': coping with a disability and a mental illness

  • 12 February 2016
Media captionOpen and frank stories of coping with mental illness and a disability, and strategies.

How do people cope with the toll that being disabled can take on their mental health?

Michael Morrison is visually impaired and describes what he sees as "looking down the wrong end of the binoculars … everything is much smaller". He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he left home for university in his early twenties. He tells his story of trying to juggle both disabilities every day, and how he feels his mental illness has a bigger impact on his life than his difficulty seeing.

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... like an LGBT for disability

  • 5 February 2016
Media captionWould it be better to use an acronym instead of 'disabled' if it works for others?

It appears that the acronym used by the gay, lesbian and trans community works quite well and arguably has been part and parcel of the progressive impact they've had in recent years. So, being as lots of people dislike the word 'disability', could an acronym work well for this group too?

Download the programme, listen to it streamed from this page, or better yet, follow the full instructions below and find out how to subscribe and get it delivered as a podcast to your device every Friday.

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Using chopsticks with your toes

  • 29 January 2016
Mat Fraser and Liz Carr in the studio

People don't tend to talk about things like messy eating very often ... but Mat Fraser and Liz Carr love diving into the minutiae of disability life. In this archive clip from November 2010, the duo discuss the easy and hard things to eat depending on your impairment, and Mat recalls the time when he went to a Chinese restaurant with a friend who has no arms.

Download the programme, listen to it streamed from this page, or better yet, follow the full instructions below and find out how to subscribe and get it delivered as a podcast to your device every Friday.

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