This week in Turkey: live streaming's political moment?

  • 23 July 2016
Citizens wave Turkish Flags during a march towards Bosphorus Bridge to protest failed military coup attempt and to show solidarity with the Turkish government in Istanbul. Image copyright Anadolu Agency/Getty

Live video stream apps, like Facebook Live and Periscope, seemed to be the medium of choice for a new digital generation in Turkey this week, as they spread the news of recent political turbulence to the world.

In January 1991, Peter Arnett reported live on CNN from the Al-Rashid hotel as the first air strikes of the Gulf war hit the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. This was the moment of CNN's pioneering 24-hour news channel, changing the information sharing landscape permanently.

Twenty years later, at Tahrir Square in Cairo, a new form of information sharing came into fruition. Egypt's citizen journalists flooded social media with still images of the toppling of government, communicating directly to a global audience. The role of digital media for the Arab Spring was even dubbed "Democracy's Fourth Wave".

Fast-forward to the present day. It's been a turbulent week in Turkey; a failed army coup attempt, a Wikileaks dump of 300,000 emails belonging to the ruling government party, and a declaration of a three month State of Emergency. And it all played out digitally over a span of 6 days - this time with live video streams at the fore.

Turkish President Erdogan's government, as regulars of BBC Trending will know, has tried to shut down entire social media networks in the past. On the night of the failed coup, it seemed briefly that old habits hadn't died out - Turkey's people received the majority of their information through social media platforms but they initially used VPNs to get around restrictions.

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'Dear Mr Terrorist'

  • 22 July 2016

A Muslim beauty vlogger from Nice has gone viral with a video addressing those who carried out the attack which killed more than 80 people in her hometown last week.

The video entitled 'Dear Mr Terrorist' was made by 20-year-old Maroua Bekkouche, who was born in Algeria but has lived in Nice since she was three years old.

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Pokemon's tears for Syria

  • 21 July 2016
Pokemon in tears next to boy in Syrian war scene Image copyright Moustafa Jano

More than five years into the war in Syria it is not always easy for interested parties to get public opinion in the outside world to focus, yet again, on a conflict that can sometimes seem insoluble.

For many watching from a distance, the shock value of reports about the aftermath of barrel bombs, suicide attacks, torture and starving civilians can diminish with repetition.

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Hillary Clinton: "Secretary of the Status Quo"?

  • 21 July 2016
Trump supporter meme linking Hillary Clinton to banks Image copyright Twitter/M_RevereUSA
Image caption Both right and left wing critics have presented Clinton as the establishment candidate

As Mike Pence took the stage at the Republican National Convention he did something more than make his position as Donald Trump's running mate official. The Indiana Governor gave social media the gift of a meme and hashtag-worthy phrase.

In his maiden speech as the US vice presidential nominee, Pence turned his attention to the Democratic Presidential nominee, saying that she "personifies the failed establishment".

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'Send me back to Africa' - a unique response to racism

  • 20 July 2016
Larry Mitchell Image copyright Facebook

"Put your money where your hate is."

This is the phrase being used by a crowdfunding campaign, currently going viral, which is being seen as a unique response to racism. The campaign seems to take racists at face value, and asks for donations in order for its black founder to be able to go "back to Africa."

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'The least diverse selfie ever'

  • 19 July 2016

The US politician Paul Ryan has sparked a debate about diversity in Washington politics and "white privilege" after sharing a selfie with a group of interns.

Mr Ryan, who's the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, shared an image on Instagram with the caption "I think this sets the record for the most number of Capitol Hill interns in a single selfie."

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Mrs Trump's other famous quotes: "One small step for man..."

  • 19 July 2016
Melania and Michelle Image copyright Twitter

When Donald Trump was asked by Bill O'Reilly if he thought his wife would be nervous on her maiden campaign speech, the Presidential hopeful sounded relaxed. "She's a very confident person," Trump said.

Let's face it, Melania Trump's speech on the opening night of the Republican National Conference was always going to trend. It had been noted that she had made relatively few public appearances during her husband's campaign, when compared with other Presidential candidate spouses.

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Handgun prizes for 'Fittest on Earth' causes controversy

  • 19 July 2016
Crossfit training Image copyright BERTRAND GUAY/Getty Images
Image caption Many CrossFitters are up in arms about the sponsorship deal with Glock

Channing Tatum is a fan. So is Cameron Diaz. And Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, starts his day with an intensive CrossFit workout.

To its fans CrossFit is a hardcore way to stay healthy, but for its detractors it is a brutally demanding gimmick that inspires cult-like reverence. And it's only around 20 years old; a truly millennial fitness regime.

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"A death that will haunt me for life"

  • 16 July 2016
Nurse administers vaccine in Kerala Image copyright NOAH SEELAM/Getty
Image caption A nurse administers a diphtheria vaccination in Kerala

Of all the heartbreaking challenges in life, a preventable death must be somewhere up there at the top for tragedies. Especially if it's that of a child.

But when Muhammad Niyas, a doctor in Kerala, wrote a Facebook post about the "totally preventable" death of a 14-year-old boy in his care, it revealed more than an isolated case and shed a light on an alarming health problem in the South Indian state.

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Pokemon made me do it

  • 15 July 2016
Arizona Dept. of Transportation freeway sign along westbound Interstate 10 discourages playing Pokemon Go Image copyright AP

For better or worse, Pokemon Go has become an enormous international phenomenon in a very short time.

The augmented reality game is causing many players to venture out to places they would not normally go in search of their onscreen prey. But it's also making some non-believers wish they could escape to another planet to get away from all the hype.

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