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More Technology of Business

  • Young African girl talking on mobileApp Africa

    How mobile technology is boosting innovation across the continent

  • man in airportCheck-in heaven

    The technologies making business travel less of a drag

  • Spotify founders sitting in front of logoTunes to go

    Is audio streaming saving the music industry?

  • Khai SocheungGlobal SOS

    Can technology help combat the modern slavery business?

  • Young woman on phone on a bridgeSpy in your pocket?

    How firms are using mobile and other data to map our every move

  • Manuel Neuer of Germany watches the ball bounce over the line from a shot from Frank LampardNo more 'what ifs'

    Goal-line technology set for World Cup debut

  • Cloud Computing graphicCloud-cuckoo-land

    Are UK county councils wasting millions on expensive IT?

  • Jump leads sparkingSparking up

    How battery tech is playing catch-up with our gadgets

  • Thermal image of houseToxic buildings

    Can technology 'green' our homes and offices?

  • Patient holding eye scannerDoctors online

    How tele-tech and mobile are giving us more sustainable healthcare

  • Recycling binsWar on waste

    The technologies helping business make sustainability profitable

  • SmokestackDirty cloud?

    Is outsourcing IT always cleaner and greener?

Africa month

July is Africa month for Technology of Business. Find out how technology is transforming lives and providing opportunities for communities around the continent.

The Technology of Business team

Big Data

  • Sneezing manBig data backlash

    Should data analytics come with a big health warning?

  • Japan rocket blasting offBlast off

    Are you ready for the Big Data revolution?

  • Montage of comic book villainsBad guys keep out

    How data defenders are using analytics to fight hackers

  • Smart man in handcuffsTracking trouble

    How big data is helping combat - and even predict - criminal behaviour

  • Model of the word love on a laptopBig Data Dating

    Can you find the perfect partner through data analysis alone?

  • ShoppersFuture shopping

    Is it a good thing retailers know almost everything about you?

Small Business

  • Ballerina on tiptoesMoney spinner

    The technologies helping small businesses keep the cash flowing

  • Hot air balloonUp in the clouds

    The technologies giving small firms freedom to grow

  • DinosaursXP extinct

    XP demise gives small firms a tech dilemma

  • SpaceshipStarship stories

    New tech helps small firms shoot for the stars

  • hackerData danger

    Guarding against bugs, hackers and natural disasters

  • SnailSnail's pace

    Slow web speeds are stifling small firms' growth prospects

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