India's top phone bosses will meet government minister

The chief executives of India's largest telecoms companies will meet with the Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal on Tuesday.

The meeting comes at a time when the industry has been struggling against allegations of corruption over the allocation of 2G mobile phone licences.

An official audit claims the government may have lost as much as $39bn (£24bn) in revenues from the sale.

The government has questioned the report's findings.

The audit sparked a furore that paralysed the country's parliament and threatened to derail growth in one of India's fastest-growing industries.

At the same time, some of India's biggest telecoms companies have been involved in a bitter war of words, accusing each other of breaking rules.

Since becoming telecoms minister, Mr Sibal has said he wants to introduce reforms to the industry in consultation with the service providers.

The meeting is being seen as a confidence-building exercise.

According to analysts, the meeting will focus on reaching a consensus within the industry on licensing and spectrum allocation going forward.

Mr Sibal is also expected to try and broker peace between the leading players in the industry.

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