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  • Student using laptopSearch terms

    Google reveals the top 20 most searched for universities

  • Tony Blair, autumn 2014Battle of ideas

    Tony Blair calls for lessons in respect to challenge the ideas fuelling extremism

  • MITTop universities

    How does a university get to the top of global league tables?

  • school busMinority majority

    White pupils in state schools in the United States will be in a minority for the first time

  • Nana Ogyedon TsetsewahGhana's girl power

    An interactive teaching project aims to stop girls dropping out of school

  • GuangdongTesting China

    There will be a much wider sample of Chinese pupils taking part in the next Pisa tests

  • Contemporary art museum in IsfahanSanctions lifted

    US universities are allowed to provide online courses for students in Iran, but not Cuba

  • Students celebrating at the end of exams, June 2014What goes up...

    What will China and India do with millions more graduates?

  • Screwed up paperFalling down

    The US is "in denial" about how maths results have slipped against international standards

  • Handing over cashStolen chances

    An international project tackles the taboo around corruption in education

  • Zeus and HeraClassic ideas

    Ancient Greece has a long legacy in the language of modern ideas

  • June 2014, pupils going to school in Lagos, NigeriaGlobal summit

    £16.8bn is promised for education in world's poorest countries

If we cannot solve all the ills of the world, we should at least be able to manage this one

Your comments on the slow progress towards primary school places, reported by Unesco

Global league tables

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