Stephanomics on Stephanomics

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Media captionStephanomics: The future of the euro

If you like this blog, I've got a radio programme I'd like to sell you.

It's an economics discussion show about the global economy, and it's called, er, Stephanomics.

The idea is to step back from the day-to-day turmoil in the global markets, and get three top economic thinkers around a table to talk about where we might be heading - and what it means for all of us.

This week I have Will Hutton, chair of the new think tank, the Big Innovation Centre; Nicola Horlick, of Bramdean Asset Management; and David Roche, of the investment research company, Independent Strategy, who's usually based in Hong Kong.

We've been talking about all the big questions: in 10 years' time, will the big Western economies be enjoying decent growth in output and jobs, or looking back on a lost decade?

Will China still be going from strength to strength? Or will its economy hit a brick wall - and the Communist Party be confronting a "Chinese Spring"? And by then, will the eurozone even exist?

You might be surprised to hear it wasn't all doom and gloom. Or not for the UK, anyway.

But no-one thought the prospects for the eurozone were anything but messy.

One lesson I drew from the conversation - you get more optimistic about an economy, the further you live from it.

There will be three shows - the first is on Radio 4 at 1500 on Wednesday, but you'll also be able to see or hear it on the Radio 4 website, the BBC News Channel, World Service and BBC World. You can also download the radio programme as a podcast.

Next week we'll have George Soros. You can't escape.