Greek woes unsettle Wall Street

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Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last Updated at 20 Mar 2018, 19:58 GMT *Chart shows local time Dow Jones intraday chart
value change %
24727.27 +

Top winner and loser

Boeing Co.

337.63 +

General Electric Co.

13.64 -
value change %

Nasdaq Index

7364.30 +

S&P 500 Cash Index - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

2716.94 +

(Close): Leading US stocks closed lower on Tuesday amid continued uncertainty over economic woes in Greece.

Amid a day of low trading volumes, the Dow Jones fell 55.16 points to close below the symbolic 18,000 benchmark at 17,983.07.

The broader S&P 500 index shed 10.22 points to 2,080.35 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq dipped 29.47 points to close at 4,777.44.

News of an early election in Greece has depressed .

The country will hold a general election in January, sparking fears over the European Central Bank's plans for new economic stimulus in Europe.

The day's biggest faller was industrial machinery giant Caterpillar, which saw its shares decline by 1.2% to finish at $92.59, as investors worried about the possible knock-on effects of plunging oil prices on its energy business.

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