Young men likeliest to miss tax return

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Image caption The deadline for completing tax returns is 31 January

Young men working in the communications industry are the most likely to miss the looming tax return deadline, HM Revenue and Customs figures suggest.

The self-employed and those with more than one source of income must submit their self-assessment forms online by 31 January,

Data from returns made last year showed that men were most likely to file late.

Those aged between 18 and 20 and living in London were the worst offenders, the tax authority said.

So far, 6.45 million returns have been submitted ahead of the deadline at the end of the month, with about another 4.5 million outstanding.

"Whatever your gender, age, occupation or location, if you haven't sent in your 2013-14 tax return, you need to take action now. Don't leave it until the last minute to contact us. Do it now, and avoid a last-minute rush to beat the deadline," said Ruth Owen of HM Revenue and Customs.

The figures from a year ago showed that the over-65s were the most punctual.

Interestingly, lawyers and accountants were not the most punctual - with 219 late filers per 10,000 submitted. Those in agriculture, fishing and forestry were more efficient, with 109 per 10,000 filing late.

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