Jobs survey weighs on US markets

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Dow Jones Industrial Average

Last Updated at 23 Feb 2018, 20:58 GMT *Chart shows local time Dow Jones intraday chart
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25309.99 +

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Intel Corp.

47.73 +

General Electric Co.

14.49 -
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Nasdaq Index

7337.39 +

S&P 500 Cash Index - Chicago Mercantile Exchange

2747.30 +

(Close): US stocks closed lower for the second day in a row. The Dow Jones fell 77 points to close at 17,698.92.

AFP fell in early trade after a weaker-than-expected jobs survey raised concerns about the jobs market.

The latest employment report from ADP found private sector employers added 189,000 jobs last month, which was well below forecasts.

The figure has raised concerns about the key non-farm payroll figures, which will be released on Friday.

The broader S&P 500 index dropped 8.09 to 2,059.8 while the technology-focused Nasdaq index lost 20.66 to 4,880.23.

Shares in retailer Sears rose 7% after the company announced plans to raise $2.5bn by selling some of its stores to a real estate investment trust which it is setting up. That strong gain fizzled out entirely by the close of official trading leaving them with a 0.17% loss.