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Inside Out returns with an investigation into e-cigarettes

  • 31 August 2014
  • From the section England
Actor Chris Connel vaping his custom built e-cigarette
Vaping is becoming a much more common sight but is it a safe way to get a nicotine hit?

Inside Out returns on Monday, 1 September 2014 with a shocking report into what we found in e-cigarettes.

The North East in particular has a very bad record when it comes to smoking related deaths. Many believe switching to e-cigarettes could help to turn that around.

However when we put a sample of four e-liquids to the test, one of them returned a disturbing result.

Graphic showing relative smoking death rates across England and Wales
The North East is one of the worst areas for smoking related deaths

The butterscotch flavour sold under the VIP brand was found to contain diacetyl.

Whilst it is safe to eat, it is harmful if inhaled, which of course is exactly what happens when you are vaping.

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New stories emerge about the impact of WW1 on Tyneside

  • 1 June 2014
  • From the section England
Programme logo - Despatches from Tyneside
A special regional documentary about the effects of the Great War on communities along the Tyne

I have learned so much more about World War One than I could have imagined when I was first asked to produce a documentary about the Great War and its impact on my birthplace.

After all, a century after the outbreak of the war there have been innumerable books, films, articles and research papers published on the topic.

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How accountable are public bodies when questioned?

  • 3 March 2014
  • From the section England
Chris Jackson interviews Roger French, deputy chief executive of the North East Ambulance Service
Chris Jackson interviews Roger French, deputy chief executive of the North East Ambulance Service

Accountability, transparency, openness. They are all values that most of us would hope public bodies would aspire to.

Yet in the world of "reputation management", PR and dare we mention the word "spin", I have anecdotally noticed over the years a growing reluctance by many organisations to put themselves forward for interview.

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Durham chief constable advocates free heroin for users

  • 24 February 2014
  • From the section England
A heroin users prepares his fix in a Danish 'consumption room'
A Danish "consumption room" where heroin addicts are given special cubicles to prepare and administer their fix

The suggestion that the government should be giving drug addicts free heroin is controversial enough.

The fact it's being made by a serving chief constable is remarkable and guarantees the idea can't simply be dismissed.

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A child's eye account of Hartlepool's WW1 bombardment

  • 22 February 2014
  • From the section England
Postcard showing the destruction of housing in Hartlepool from the bombardment
Victoria Street in Hartlepool took a direct hit from the German bombardment on the morning of 16 December 1914

The war was supposed to be over by Christmas, yet less than 10 days before that deadline Hartlepool woke up to German shells destroying their homes.

The terror that coursed through the streets caused panic. The townsfolk loaded up prams with their babies, grabbed whatever provisions they could, and fled into the countryside.

Alarm clock with shell fragment embedded in the workings.
A fragment from an exploding shell stopped the alarm clock the moment it hit. Ironically the clock was made in Germany

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Your ideas wanted to revive Dunston Staithes

  • 10 February 2014
  • From the section England
Chris Jackson in front of Dunston staithes
We're looking for your suggestions on how to revitalise the Dunston Staithes

You can't miss the Dunston Coal Staithes. Iconic, massive and in need of tender loving care.

It dominates the horizon along the banks of the Tyne, a powerful symbol of the region's industrial might.

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Cumbria's ex Chief Constable wants justice after probe

  • 3 February 2014
  • From the section England
Stuart and Caroline Hyde in the lakes
Stuart and Caroline Hyde are determined to continue enjoying life in Cumbria despite his experience as the county's top policeman

Behind the smiles there is a lot of resentment.

When I met Stuart Hyde to talk about his rise and fall at Cumbria Police he was measured in his responses but his wife Caroline, unfettered by loyalty to the uniform, was damning in how she feels they were treated.

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New police approach to support prison abuse victims

  • 27 January 2014
  • From the section England
Rusty gates shut in front of the closes detention centre at Medomsley
Medomsley closed in 1988. Detectives are investigating what they call the "brutal regime" at the youth detention centre

When the government of the day introduced the "short, sharp, shock" regime to youth detention centres, the then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw said this: "These will be no holiday camps and I sincerely hope those that attend them will not ever want to go back there."

He could not have known how true that would be, but for very different reasons.

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Understanding who qualifies for help with fuel bills

  • 19 January 2014
  • From the section England
Electricity pylons at dusk
Electricity and gas prices are rising and customers are not always getting the help they are entitled to

With the way fuel bills are these days there can't be many of us who don't think twice about switching the heating on as temperatures drop.

On Inside Out this week we're looking at the energy efficiency of our homes, top tips on how we can help ourselves to save power, and what discounts are available to those of us on lower incomes.

Infrared camera displaying heat loss on the exterior of a house
An infrared camera quickly identifies where heat is leaking out of a home

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Memories of a novice journalist from the miners' strike

  • 13 January 2014
  • From the section England
Striking miners watch coal leaving their pit under police guard
Striking miners watch coal leaving their pit under police guard

It's hard for the twenty-somethings of today to understand just what living in Britain felt like back in the 1980s.

Industrial relations then and now bear no relation to each other.

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About Chris

Chris was born in Newcastle and is proud of his roots. His family moved to Germany when he was five and didn't return until it was too late to pick up a proper Geordie accent.

He started his broadcasting career in the Midlands and Wales, before returning home in 1986 to become BBC Radio Newcastle's Northumberland producer. He moved to Look North as a reporter, and later, presenter.

Chris became Inside Out's front man when it started a decade ago. His investigations have included exposés of racism within car parking attendants, illegal waste dumping, numerous fraudsters, and chaotic gun control within the police. He even had his own pet cat registered as a hypnotherapist.

He was named Presenter of the Year in 2007, 2010 and 2012 in the Royal Television Society NE & The Borders awards.


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