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David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

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What does Scottish funding pledge mean for Wales?

16 September 2014

I know what you're thinking: let's talk Barnett formula.

I normally hesitate to go down that road as it's so comprehensively covered elsewhere but today's developments in Scotland have put the issue of how the UK funds its constituent parts centre stage.

The offer by the leaders of the three largest UK parties to preserve the formula will not go down well with those who believe it is too generous to the Scots and currently disadvantages the Welsh. Plaid Cymru's vocal response may be expected; the views of a Labour parliamentary candidate and former AM less so.

Delyth Evans, who is fighting Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire next May, tweeted: "Vow to retain Barnett is wrong and will foster resentment. Blind panic not a good basis for constitutional reform. Salmond wins either way."

The key question appears to be whether a promise to keep the formula for Scotland would prevent a UK government changing the formula.

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William Hague's bedside reading - and a historic battle

11 September 2014

William Hague is currently hard to avoid during his farewell tour of Parliament.

Having stood in for the prime minister yesterday, today he answered MPs' questions in his day job as leader of the House of Commons.

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Two ex-Welsh Secretaries discuss who speaks for England

10 September 2014

At times it felt more like Scottish Questions than PMQs, even if a Yorkshireman was answering the questions.

Commons Leader William Hague stood in for the PM as David Cameron headed to Scotland. Most of the questions were about Scotland - and the future of the UK.

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David Jones and Dylan Moore deny penning 'Oscar' blog

10 September 2014

The fall-out from last night's adjournment debate continues with the arrival of statements from two of those linked to the late Thoughts of Oscar blog.

One of them - solicitor Dylan Moore - has challenged Guto Bebb to repeat his allegations outside parliament.

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Two MPs, a private eye, a brief, a fraudster and a blog

10 September 2014
Guto Bebb and David Jones

Well that was slightly less cryptic. Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb used a short House of Commons debate last night to link his fellow Tory David Jones with a blog he said had "harassed, abused and bullied" people in North Wales.

It appears to be episode two in a a remarkable public feud between the two men, one that now features police, a private eye and a convicted fraudster in its extended cast of characters.

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No plans for Scottish 'yes' vote, MPs told

9 September 2014

For all the talk of plan As and plan Bs in the Scottish referendum campaign, how much planning has the UK government done for a "yes" vote?

The answer is, er, none - much to the surprise of MPs on the public administration committee, who took evidence from the UK's top civil servant yesterday.

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Auf Wiedersehen butt: Eric Pickles & the Welsh brickies

9 September 2014

Most of his cabinet colleagues may have their eyes focused on Scotland this week but Eric Pickles has still managed to find time to highlight Welsh housing policy.

The communities secretary told MPs that he visited a housing development in the south of England and discovered all the brickies were Welsh.

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Mystery of Tory MP 'close to home' looking to step down

3 September 2014

As tweets go, it was on the cryptic side.

"More Conservative MPs looking to stand down but close to home this time" was the message in fewer than 140 characters from the Aberconwy Conservative MP Guto Bebb.

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Summit handshakes and re-balancing the UK economy

2 September 2014

Now where were we? MPs are back at Westminster after the summer recess - and it's back to the day job for me too.

You can watch my report on the prime minister's statement on anti-terror measures here. After two hours answering MPs' questions, David Cameron departed for No 10 where he hosted a media reception.

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Devolution, 'deferential' media and old men in politics

The new law that will give the Welsh government new tax and borrowing powers cleared another hurdle in the House of Lords last night.

As is traditional, the Wales Bill was given an unopposed second reading and will now (well, after the Scottish referendum) be scrutinised in detail by peers during its committee stage.

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