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Welsh Tory leader floats 5 pence Welsh income tax cut

The powers have yet to arrive but some politicians are already planning how to use them.

You may have caught Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies on last night's Westminster Hour on Radio 4 arguing for a 3-5p cut in the 40% higher rate in Wales.

His ability to make that cut depends of course on the powers being transferred to Cardiff - after a referendum - and on the Conservatives being in a position to implement change.

Putting those hurdles aside, this is what he said: "What we need in Wales are more entrepreneurs, businessmen and women setting up companies here or staying here in Wales to create a more dynamic economy

"Now by and large most of those individuals sit within that 40 pence tax regime and I believe that by moving the tax bands by about 3 to 5 pence we could achieve a differential between others parts of the United Kingdom that would be mood and attitude-changing to create that that entrepreneurial society. And the cost to the Exchequer is only about £12m-16m if you focus on the 40 pence tax rate.

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Former Commons clerk goes back to Welsh roots in Lords

Sir Robert Rogers being sworn in as Lord Lisvane
The former Commons clerk has adopted the title of Lord Lisvane

Wales has a new cross-bench peer.

Lord Lisvane took his seat in the House of Lords this morning. He is perhaps better known as Sir Robert Rogers, whose familiar bewigged and bewhiskered features were until late last year seen in the House of Commons, where he was clerk and chief executive and sat in front of the Speaker John Bercow.

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Historian MP casts doubt on Owain Glyndwr parliament

Owain Glyndwr, self-proclaimed Prince of Wales
Did Owain Glyndwr's parliament never exist?

Was Owain Glyndwr's parliament a myth?

Rhondda Labour MP Chris Bryant, doyen of parliamentary historians, think so.

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Trident: Plaid draw 'ambitious' nuclear red line

Royal Navy"s 16,000 ton Trident-class nuclear submarine Vanguard
Scrapping Trident is an 'ambitious red line', admits Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams

Would Labour support for Britain's nuclear deterrent scupper a post-election deal with Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Greens?

Plaid Cymru confirmed at the weekend that "in no circumstances would it prop up a government committed to wasting billions of pounds on a Cold War relic which could be better spent on health, education and transport to name but a few".

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De Montfort, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and 'Democracy Day'

It's a notable year for notable anniversaries.

Take your pick: 50 years since Winston Churchill died, 800 years since Magna Carta, 200 years since Waterloo.

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William Hague returns to 'land of my fathers-in-law'

William and Ffion Hague
William Hague says he and his wife are looking forward to living in a beautiful part of Wales

He often refers to Wales as "the land of my fathers-in-law". Now William Hague is going to live there.

Mr Hague and his wife Ffion have bought Cyfronydd Hall, near Welshpool in Montgomeryshire, which was for sale with an asking price of £2.5m.

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Take a Letter: Dear Dave, Nick, Ed and Nigel

Leanne Wood
Leanne Wood said the leaders should come to Wales and debate with Plaid Cymru

Who says letter-writing is a lost art?

This morning, the leaders of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP wrote identical letters to the Conservative leader to complain about his reluctance to take part in TV election debates unless the Greens are invited.

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Wales on agenda as cabinet meets in Downing Street

Stephen Crabb outside Downing Street
Stephen Crabb described Wales' economic progress to Cabinet colleagues

Cabinet meetings may be secret but occasionally we get an idea of what was discussed without having to wait 20 or 30 years for the release of the official papers.

This morning, I understand, the coalition discussed Wales during its weekly meeting in Downing Street. Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb briefed colleagues on the Welsh economic picture. He told colleagues how the Welsh economy had grown faster than any other devolved nation or region of the UK (other than London) since 2010 and faster than any other part of the country last year.

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'Zombie parliament' shows signs of life

Houses of Parliament
Critics say there is little work for MPs to do at Westminster over the next few months

As more and more MPs desert Westminster to campaign in their constituencies, it's become fashionable to dismiss the institution as a "zombie parliament".

A light legislative framework with few compulsory votes and a long election campaign have led to suggestions that MPs don't have enough work to do. Some MPs - with little more than 40 sitting days left before polling day - openly agree.

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NHS dividing lines: Cameron returns to Offa's Dyke

Offa's Dyke
Last year, David Cameron called Offa's Dyke a 'line between life and death' due to Welsh NHS funding cuts

To no-one's surprise, the NHS dominated the first prime minister's questions of 2015*. To some slight surprise, it took four questions from Ed Miliband before David Cameron decided to deploy the Welsh card.

Annoyed by the Labour leader's questions about the NHS in England, the prime minister accused Mr Miliband of having no solutions on the NHS: "Presumably if he had any solutions he would have implemented them in Wales."

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