Wales 'one of the best places in the UK' - Theresa May

Theresa May
Image caption 'Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus' - Theresa May tries out her Welsh inside No 10.

The red dragon has been flying from the roof of No 10. Inside, invited guests - including half the cabinet - enjoyed Welsh produce from Welsh cakes to whisky and wine.

The prime minister, who has given up crisps for Lent, chose not to sample all the food and drink - "I've had to be very good and not participate in everything that was brought through" - but suggested it was so impressive quite a few No 10 staff "have suddenly discovered their Welsh heritage".

There was, she said, much to celebrate in "this proud country - a very special part of our United Kingdom", including the hills. "And around Easter I hope to be back in Wales walking up some of those hills once again."

Her message was a familiar one - she is looking for a Brexit deal that works for the whole of the UK. She said: "I am determined that we will emerge from this great period of change stronger, fairer, more united and more-outward looking than ever before. And that will be the best possible outcome for Wales - and for the whole of our United Kingdom."

'One of the best'

On policies, she highlighted the UK government role in part-funding the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal. "And why we remain committed to negotiating a City Deal for the Swansea Bay City Region too." (Chancellor Philip Hammond suggested to MPs yesterday that there may be an announcement in his Budget on March 8).

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Selling Wales to the world as St David's Day nears

First Minister Carwyn Jones
Image caption 'The UK itself will have to change quite fundamentally over the next two years...." - Carwyn Jones at Lancaster House.

Lancaster House is rarely off our screens these days. The mansion, build for the (Grand Old) Duke of York has doubled up as Buckingham Palace in the Netflix series The Crown and was Theresa May's venue of choice for her big Brexit speech.

On Monday, it hosted (on behalf of the first minister) a St David's Day reception for diplomats, politicians and business people as part of a week of events to sell Wales to the world.

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New shadow arrives amid Wales Office memories

Welsh Secretaries Image copyright Wales Office
Image caption Stephen Crabb and David Jones among other Welsh secretaries in 2014 on the 50th anniversary of the role.

"Full and interesting advice surgery this morning in Haverfordwest," reports the local MP, Stephen Crabb. "A variety of issues raised - arts funding, farming, social care, and many others. Nobody mentioned Europe, Brexit or Article 50."

The priorities of the good people of Pembrokeshire may serve as a reality check to those of us who have reported little other than Europe, Brexit or Article 50 this past fortnight (although constituency surgeries may usually feature more personal concerns).

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EU Bill clears first hurdle amid Labour disarray

Kevin Brennan MP
Image caption 'I have taken the unusual step of listening to the debate, rather than contributing to it' - Kevin Brennan MP.

Kevin Brennan may be a wannabe rock star but he is not a serial rebel. His rare votes against the party line are all the more noteworthy for that.

The Cardiff West MP was one of 10 Labour frontbenchers who voted against the triggering of Article 50 in the Commons on Wednesday night.

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Wales Bill 'not the end of the story', says ex-minister

MPs vote on the Wales Bill.
Image caption The last vote on what will become the Wales Act 2017.

It was said to offer a "once-in-a-generation opportunity to draw a line under this ongoing, endless debate that we seem to have in Wales about devolution and further powers".

The aim was "a lasting and fair devolution settlement for Wales". David Cameron (remember him) talked of "an enduring settlement for Wales which works for Wales today, tomorrow and for generations to come".

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Welsh Government claims 'victory' in Brexit case

David Cornock and Mick Antoniw
Image caption 'It's certainly a victory' - Counsel General Mick Antoniw explains his view of the Supreme Court judgement to me.

As victories go, there have been more obvious triumphs.

Eleven Supreme Court judges unanimously rejected the Welsh Government's argument for AMs to be consulted before the UK government triggers Article 50 and formal divorce talks with the European Union.

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Is Theresa May for turning over Welsh Brexit blueprint?

Neil Hamilton AM
Image caption 'Not so much a white paper as a white flag" - UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton prepares for a TV interview.

The Welsh Government chose to launch its Brexit white paper - Securing Wales' Future - in London.

Theresa May and her cabinet were in the north-west of England at the time, launching their industrial strategy, but the Welsh document will not have gone unnoticed in Westminster.

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Minister promises Welsh Brexit plan 'next week'

Mark Drakeford AM
Image caption "We will set out in full those matters that are of greatest significance to Wales" - Mark Drakeford on the Welsh Government's Brexit plan

Did the dog eat the Welsh Government's homework?

The snappily-acronymed JMC (EN) met in the Cabinet Office for almost two hours on Thursday morning; on the agenda, papers from the Scottish government and Northern Ireland executive on Brexit.

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Theresa May's Brexit Welsh powers pledge

Alun Cairns MP
Image caption Alun Cairns: 'Maintaining membership of the single market is effectively remaining part of the European Union by another name'

"The economic argument trumps everything else," said the secretary of state. "At the end of the day this is down to the economy, jobs, jobs, jobs."

There were, he said, 100,000 jobs in Wales directly linked to our place in Europe. "Business leaders tell me that they rely on our links with a market of 500 million people - that's a vast trading bloc that takes more than 40 per cent of the goods we export."

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'A lot to be very proud of' - Corbyn on Labour in Wales

Jeremy Corbyn and David Cornock
Image caption Jeremy Corbyn: 'Allowing Wales to set its own immigration rules would be "fraught with difficulties'

For a man who's had better New Years, Jeremy Corbyn seemed chipper enough.

He may be under fire from his own MPs on Brexit and immigration, and his shadow defence secretary may be "absolutely furious" about his views on Nato, but the Labour leader was relaxed when we met in his Commons office on Thursday morning.

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