How surprised should we be by the Welsh Brexit vote?

David and Samantha Cameron
Image caption Samantha Cameron watches as David Cameron delivers his resignation statement in Downing Street.

It was shortly before 02:00 BST (I listen so you don't have to) when Stephen Crabb told radio listeners that he would not be surprised if Wales voted for Brexit.

"Because I think the politics of Wales have changed quite profoundly in recent years and I think the picture you're going to see in the south Wales valleys will be similar to the results we've seen in the north east of England and some of these old industrial working-class areas which have shifted very markedly towards 'out'.

"And this will be one of the, I think, the stories of this referendum campaign - the way the spotlight has been shown on some of these quite marked social divisions and it poses a challenge not only to use as a Conservative government but to all the Westminster parties who increasingly look and sound the same."

It poses a challenge to parties in Wales too. Wales has 40 MPs; only five backed Brexit. Every single Welsh Labour MP backed remain. Many Labour supporters who voted for the party only last month in the Welsh Assembly elections clearly voted against the party line (if they knew what it was) on Thursday.

Some MPs are less surprised than others. One said he had been shouted at for the first time by a constituent during the referendum campaign. Others reported back on a virulent anti-politics mood and "our broken politics". One Labour source questioned the timing of Wednesday's announcement that the Assembly is to be asked to re-brand itself a Welsh parliament.

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EU Referendum: 'Only the brave or drunk call this one'

Media gazebos at Westminster
Image caption Waiting for Brexit? The World's media are camped at Westminster ahead of Thursday's referendum.

If you want to know how big this is, count the gazebos.

The portable tents, and some less portable television studios, have taken over the patch of grass, opposite the Houses of Parliament, known as Abingdon or College Green.

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Boris Johnson on Brexit, steel and Wales

Boris Johnson MP
Image caption Time for Brexit? Boris Johnson prepars to answer questions about the EU and Wales.

One of the challenges facing the Vote Leave campaign has been to sketch out a picture of what Britain would be like after Brexit.

Who would we trade with? How would Britain get its voice heard in the world? And what would happen to the money that comes the way of farmers and the poorer parts of Wales from Brussels?

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Tory MP 'very disappointed' by Welsh powers plan

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns
Image caption Alun Cairns will lead Tuesday's debate on the Wales Bill, which he says will end arguments over powers.

It is less than a week since Alun Cairns promised to put a definitive end to the "outdated arguments" over where power lies in the age of devolution. So how's that one coming along?

MPs hold their first debate on the new Wales Bill on Tuesday, but even before the Bill receives its second reading it is being criticised from both ends of the devolution spectrum.

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Welsh ban lifted 'only if MP can't speak English'

MPs on the Welsh affairs committee Image copyright Welsh affairs committee
Image caption MPs on the Welsh affairs select committee take evidence in Welsh

The leader of the House of Commons has rejected calls from MPs to overturn a ban on speaking Welsh at Westminster.

Chris Grayling told MPs it wouldn't be "sensible" to spend taxpayers money on translation facilities but said the government might review the ban if a new MP couldn't speak English.

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Minister tries to end Welsh powers arguments (again)

Andy Palmer of Aston Martin and Alun Cairns MP Image copyright Wales Office
Image caption The name's Cairns. Alun Cairns. The Welsh Secretary (right) with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer looking at one of the vehicles the company will be building in South Wales.

"The Wales Bill," says the secretary of state, "is in the finest traditions of Welsh radical reformers like Lloyd George. It is designed to set the course for decades ahead and put a definitive end to outdated arguments over who possesses what powers."

What could possibly go wrong?

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No 10 confusion over 'low-profile' new Welsh secretary

The Queen meets the UK cabinet in Downing Street Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The prime minister introduces the Queen to members of his coalition cabinet (including the Davids Laws and Jones) in 2012

David Laws's recently-published account of the coalition government includes an inside account of the September 2012 reshuffle that saw big changes at the Wales Office.

Cheryl Gillan was sacked as secretary of state for Wales and replaced by her deputy David Jones, as the prime minister decided he wanted a Welsh-based MP to do the job. The Wales Office also acquired its first - and so far only - Liberal Democrat, with Lady Randerson joining as an unpaid junior minister.

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Welsh Questions: blue-on-blue clash over EU referendum

David Davies Image copyright David Davies
Image caption Up for the fight: Monmouth Tory MP David Davies challenged Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns over the EU referendum.

The last Welsh question time in the House of Commons before the EU referendum saw some of the blue-on-blue action the prime minister has been so keen to avoid.

Monmouth MP and "leave" campaigner David Davies raised the issue with Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns: "You will surely have seen the report from Cardiff University yesterday showing that Britain pays nearly £10 billion net to be part of the European Union. If we took that money, under the Barnett formula do you agree that that money could leave Wales half a billion pounds a year better off if we vote "leave" on June 23?"

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New MP on the butchers of Ogmore - and Kylie Minogue

Image caption Ogmore MP Chris Elmore makes his maiden speech in the House of Commons.

Wales's newest MP has made his House of Commons debut. Labour MP Chris Elmore, who won the Ogmore by-election on May 5, delivered his maiden speech during a debate on the Queen's Speech.

As is traditional, Mr Elmore used his maiden speech to say nice things about his predecessors and his constituency. Unusually, his immediate predecessor, Huw Irranca-Davies, still represents the same constituents - in the National Assembly for Wales.

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MP recalls 'delusional, masochistic' Welsh campaign

Dr Phillip Lee Image copyright Phillip Lee
Image caption Phillip Lee as the Conservative candidate in Blaenau Gwent

I first met the Conservative MP Phillip Lee outside a cafe in Tredegar more than 10 years ago. He had a few of his party activists waving Conservative placards as the then Home Secretary David Blunkett arrived to support the Labour campaign.

He was a bit more visible than the usual Conservative candidate in those parts - and, unusually, didn't try to pretend that he got a great response on the doorsteps.

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