Canada: The different voice

Canadian national flag Image copyright Reuters

The anti-establishment caravan rolls on. Donald Trump surges in the polls - he's ahead in the key battleground states of Ohio and Florida. In Germany, the anti-immigration party the AFD hurts Angela Merkel once again - this time in Berlin.

In France, the far right party of Marine Le Pen tops some polls, while support for the socialist President Francois Hollande scarcely reaches double figures, while the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, despite its dubious roots, is enjoying record popularity.

In the West, liberal democracy is facing a grave challenge. At a time of anger with the elites, the centre-left is struggling to define its purpose or find a narrative.

It lacks confidence with its voice stilled - except in Canada.

As the United States stands on the verge of embracing Donald Trump's anti-establishment cry, its neighbour to the north has emerged as a champion of liberalism.

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What has the EU learnt since Brexit?

  • 12 September 2016
  • From the section Europe
A British Union Jack flag and a European Union flag Image copyright Getty Images

An American politician once advised "you never let a serious crisis go to waste". So has the EU learnt any lessons since the British vote to leave the union?

This is a week to reflect on the state of the union with a speech and debate in Strasbourg and then a summit in Bratislava on its future without the distracting Brits in attendance.

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Brexit: The phoney war

  • 6 September 2016
  • From the section Brexit
The flags of the European Union and the United Kingdom Image copyright Getty Images

Returning to the UK from North America is to encounter an air of unreality. Britain has embarked on the biggest constitutional change in nearly 50 years - but you wouldn't guess it.

Informed but incredulous Americans ask "you really had no plan?"

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Is the 2016 US election campaign racist?

Media captionDonald Trump to black voters: "What the hell do you have to lose?"

Election time in America usually resonates with boundless optimism, with candidates, in their own way, promising "morning in America", as Ronald Reagan once did.

Not this time. Not in this mean-spirited race. Not when the undercurrent is race in America.

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Hillary Clinton's flaws

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives a speech at the 37th Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa 14 September 2014 Image copyright Reuters

It must be tempting for Hillary Clinton to do little but count down the clock to the election in November. She is so far ahead in the polls and in key battleground states like Virginia and Colorado, her lead is in double digits.

This week she has attended a string of fundraisers, filling her war chest to bombard key states with commercials as the election nears. She has already reserved slots worth $80m (£60.7m).

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Donald Trump's campaign fight-back

Donald Trump Image copyright AP

At times it feels that there is a daily political soap full of twists and sub-plots and it is called Donald Trump. There are firings and hirings. Words delivered and then withdrawn or explained away. The politician without regrets tries being sorry.

It can almost be awe-inspiring to watch; the attempted revival of Donald Trump. This was, until very recently, the freewheeling candidate who would not be polished or restrained. That was his badge of authenticity. He had scratched his way to the nomination by not being a politician.

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Diehard supporters still back Donald Trump

Image copyright AP
Image caption Donald Trump has a core of supporters who back him come what may.

The mid-western Sun beats down on the barns, the corn and the queue waiting for Donald Trump at the West Bend County Fair Park, north of Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin.

These are Trump believers united in their view that something has been lost in America and only their candidate can rediscover it and restore their faith in their country.

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The enigma that is Donald Trump

Donald Trump Image copyright AP

Donald Trump revels in not being like other presidential candidates. He is the outsider, the underdog, a rule-breaker who blames the experts for what he calls the "mess".

Yet with fewer than 100 days to go to November's election, there is an enigma about one of the most extraordinary campaigns in American history. What is the candidate's strategy for winning?

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Merkel and the days of terror

  • 27 July 2016
  • From the section Europe
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Image copyright AP

The decision to accept more than a million refugees was Angela Merkel's biggest political gamble.

At first, she was widely applauded for her moral courage and leadership.

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Managing Brexit

  • 20 July 2016
  • From the section Brexit
British and EU flags

After the political shocks and aftershocks comes a lull.

The new government is starting to prepare the ground for the real battles that lie ahead.

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