John Hess, Political editor, East Midlands

John Hess Political editor, East Midlands

This is where you can find my musings on the political scene from Westminster to the East Midlands

Jarrow Crusade revived to highlight NHS worries

29 August 2014
March in Nottingham

It's a long old walk, and it's not for the faint hearted.

But since the 1930s, the 280 miles from Jarrow to London has been a marching route for those who feel marginalised politically.

Those taking part in the 21st Century version are now half-way through their trek, and have been picking up support along the way.

It was the idea of a group of Tyneside women worried at what they saw as increasing privatisation of the National Health Service.

I caught up with the 30 or so marchers as they left King's Mill Hospital at Sutton-in-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire. They were into day 12 and half-way to London.

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Grow more food, urge MPs, as farmers warn of shortages

11 August 2014

So is Britain in danger of running out of food? It may seem an odd question since the shelves of our supermarkets appear full. Next time, why not check how much of it is imported.

Our farmers and politicians are starting to talk of the need for Britain to be self-sufficient in growing its own food.

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WW1: The war to end all wars? What our MPs thought

Soldiers head to the trenches

So just imagine what it must have been like 100 years ago, as the prime minister of the day Herbert Asquith faced the prospect of Britain at war with Germany.

HH Asquith was prime minister of a coalition government in 1914. Sound familiar?

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East Midlands councils warn on migrant pressures

A Boston street
Boston has the highest proportion of residents born in EU accession countries

Wholesale changes to how local councils cope with an influx of foreign migrants coming into the East Midlands are being urged in a new report.

It wants more funding to help migrants return to their country of origin and more English language classes for migrants. It also warns of increasing racial prejudice.

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Cities will lose out without new powers, warns leader

Sir Peter Soulsby at the science museum
Sir Peter Soulsby said Abbey pumping station was a reminder of the powers Victorian political leaders had

Gleaming in brass and polished tiles, the Abbey pumping station in Leicester is one of those tucked away Victorian gems.

It was the brainchild of civic leaders who wanted clean, safe water pumped throughout a growing city. It's also a reminder of the powers once enjoyed by political leaders in our big English cities.

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Tories relish victory over UKIP in Newark by-election

Conservative Robert Jenrick at Newark by-election declaration
Robert Jenrick won by more than 7,000 votes and promised to concentrate on local issues

So it's a moment to savour for the Conservatives in Newark.

Their candidate Robert Jenrick, an auction house director, hammered home 17,431 votes to win the seat… and in some style.

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Newark by-election test for Tories - can they hold on?

The town grew around Newark Castle, now ruined, and a large market place, now lined with historic buildings

You can always tell when parliamentary candidates start to get a bit weary.

The smile is switched on but the eyes are in pause mode.

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John added analysis to:

UKIP tops Euro poll in East Midlands

So UKIP can celebrate. They return two MEPs. That was expected.

What was not expected was a particularly strong performance by the Conservatives who also sent two MEPs to the European Parliament. That will particularly please the Prime Minister with a crucial parliamentary by-election in Newark around the corner.

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Elections 2014: East Midlands Euro elections count task

David Cook
David Cook said 20,000 staff are involved in the count

When the voting for the European Parliamentary elections is over, spare a thought for David Cook.

He is the senior council boss with the responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of the ballot and the count in the East Midlands.

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Parties set to battle over Newark by-election contest

Candidates are lining up for the Newark by-election

The Nottinghamshire market town of Newark is no stranger to hand-to-hand political battles.

King John died in its walled castle. Was it a political killing? In the Civil War, the Royalists came a cropper at the hands of the parliamentarians.

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About John

John joined the BBC in 1978, and was appointed the East Midlands' first political editor in 1998.

Career highlights include interviewing four Prime Ministers and the many voters who wish they could.

John now lives near the Trent Bridge cricket ground, having returned to the Midlands in 1996.

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