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Jon Donnison Sydney correspondent

Come here for my latest reflections and musings from Australia and the wider region

Where should you put your wisdom?

Not sure if there's ever been an election where "suppositories" have been the daily talking point. But Tony Abbott is copping a lot flak for this today.

"No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom," said Mr Abbott on a campaign stop in Melbourne on Monday.

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Australia's dull debate

So what did you think of that? Worth tuning in for? The prevailing view in the Australian media is that last night's television election debate between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott was dull.

The reviews range from "The political equivalent of a hospital meal" to "A night of waffle". There were few talking points with a rigid debate format that produced little actual interaction between the two candidates. Both men looked a little stiff and nervous, perhaps more concerned with not making a slip-up rather than trying to shine.

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Sparks expected in opening debate

So my first election debate in Australia and I am hoping it is going to be a feisty one. Politics here can be pretty combative and plain-speaking, so I may get my wish.

It is being held at the National Press Club in Canberra and is due to last an hour, with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott facing questions from a panel of journalists.

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From little Gaza to chunky Australia

Child rides a camel on the beach in the Gaza strip

"Well, you have certainly got a bigger patch," one of my friends in Gaza remarked as we strolled along the beach on my final sun-kissed summer evening on the shores of the Mediterranean.

A little heavy of heart as I stepped around children flying kites against an ever-pinkening sky, I was about to leave the pint-sized Palestinian territory and set off on the interminable thrombosis-inducing journey to the vast expanses of Australia.

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Welcome to my page

G'day and welcome to my new blog where you'll be able follow my reflections and ruminations from "The Land Down Under."

Previously based in the Middle East it's quite a change for me. Look out for my first post on making the journey from Gaza to Bondi. I'll be living in Sydney, covering Australia but also the wider region and all that has to offer. Expect my take on politics, sport, business, food, music, culture and more. It's a substantial patch and one I'm keen to explore.

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Jon added analysis to:

News Corp Australia chief resigns

Few really know why Kim Williams has parted company with Rupert Murdoch. But there's speculation in the Australian media the resignation could be linked to some of News Corp's election coverage this week.

Kevin Rudd has accused Mr Murdoch and his senior executives of issuing his newspaper editors with a "directive" to get rid of the Labor government.

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About Jon

Jon has worked for the BBC for more than 15 years. He finds himself in Sydney after following a circuitous route with postings in Gaza, Washington, Cairo and Sheffield. Jon reported across the Middle East for three years and was awarded a Silver Sony Award for radio journalism of the year for his coverage of the 2012 Gaza/Israel War.

Jon lived in New Zealand in 2000/1 where he worked as a presenter for Radio New Zealand. He is a keen cyclist and in 2002 rode the entire 3,300km route of the Tour De France alongside the race, filing reports for BBC radio.

Jon went to school in Sheffield in South Yorkshire before doing a degree in French and politics at the University of Edinburgh. He studied journalism at the University of Central Lancashire and got his first reporter job at BBC Radio Sheffield.

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