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Obama in India: Why president's visit is also about China

Obama and Modi

America's former Ambassador to India says China is watching President Obama's visit to Delhi "through a microscope".

Tim Roemer believes that with a bit more foreign policy confidence, India can play a useful role in balancing power in Asia. Translated, that means America is keen to have a counter to China's clout and is wooing India to play that role.

This trip is clearly a big deal for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As head of the world's largest democracy, he wants to assume the role of global statesman - and sitting next to a smiling Mr Obama at the Republic Day parade is a great PR coup for him.

But it's worth remembering that questions over Mr Modi's human rights record and Hindu nationalist policies meant that a year ago the Indian leader couldn't even have obtained a visa to come to America.

So for Mr Obama, there are risks in this relationship too.

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US political process 'not working'

The United States is a country founded on the ideal of freedom and equality, values later underlined by key historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

But democracy needs structure to work, in the form of laws and policies.

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CDC boss: Zero Ebola cases possible in West Africa

America's top infectious diseases official says he thinks we can get to "zero cases" of Ebola in West Africa.

In our interview today, Dr Tom Frieden was keen to stress to me that he was optimistic, not confident, that this could be achieved - saying on a recent trip to the region he saw a lot of improvement.

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Paris attacks: 'Copycat dangers' after France terror

Ten thousand more troops will be on the streets of France by the end of the day Tuesday in a bid to stop another terror attack.

The forces will join 5,000 police who are being sent specifically to protect Jewish sites and some mosques.

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Charlie Hebdo attack: Tom Ridge says integration is answer

America's first Secretary of Homeland Security is adamant - national security concerns must be weighed against the principles of democracy, even after the attack in Paris.

Tom Ridge told me the attack showed just how difficult it is to combat this kind of terrorism, from both an intelligence and a security point of view.

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Paris attacks: US diplomat Rick Stengel outraged

  • 8 January 2015
  • From the section Magazine

The US is welcoming what it calls the outpouring of "revulsion" from Arab nations after the attacks in Paris, but wants moderate Muslims around the world to speak up against extremism.

The US Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Rick Stengel, told me the attacks were not just an assault against France but against freedom of expression around the world.

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The gleaming Asian airport teaching West a lesson

A worker leaves the new terminal two wing at Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi 20 December 2014
It's not Washington - it's Hanoi

It has become a truism that this is going to be an Asian century not an American one - but there's nothing like seeing the two continents first-hand to really understand why.

The speed of change, development and growth in Asia is staggering, particularly when you compare it to the inability of Washington DC to get anything done at all.

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Martina Navratilova's wedded bliss

She had been married less than an hour and Martina Navratilova sparkled, from her gleaming smile to her silver jacket. This was one very happy woman.

I met Navratilova and her new bride Julia Lemigova in a room at the Peninsula hotel in New York, just moments after the tennis legend had said "I do". Their delight was evident.

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Low-key Hagel in a high-key world

If Chuck Hagel's time as secretary of defence is being described as low key - the events he has overseen as head of the US military have been anything but.

When I interviewed him in Romania earlier this year, the threat of Russia destabilising Europe felt real and pressing.

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US mid-terms: Southern Democrats run from Obama to survive

Louisiana is hot, humid and poor - in roughly that order - and all three facts are unmissable.

This poverty has become an issue in the mid-term election race that pits Mary Landrieu, a Democrat who's already been senator for 18 years, against Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy.

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