Will you tell my story? Irish Travellers' tales

From the series Irish Travellers by Heather Buckley Image copyright Heather Buckley

Photographer Heather Buckley has been documenting the lives of Irish Travellers around Limerick for the past two years, creating beautiful salt prints from some of the images.

The salt prints are on show at the Brighton Photo Fringe alongside large graphic images that are used as tiles on the walls. This is accompanied by audio interviews with the Irish Travellers, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the experience.

"'Will you tell my story?' they say to me, and I've tried in my own way," says Buckley.

Buckley says the Irish Travellers are isolated from society, both physically and culturally, and have in them a feeling of being forgotten.

Image copyright Heather Buckley

"The elders remember freedom as children of travelling workers," she writes. "Their grandchildren live behind tall concrete walls, screened from the world, on ill designed sites."

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The Lithuanian Project

Image copyright Barry Fauk

Inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson's The Europeans, a group of photographers decided to head to Lithuania to explore what defines modern Europe.

Since Cartier-Bresson's work, the European Union has expanded and the single currency has been introduced, yet the continent is currently going through turbulent times.

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The 'new skin' of motherhood

Tricycle Image copyright Alamy

With the birth of a child there is always that urge to grab a camera and capture every moment.

The days may seem to go on forever as you struggle to grab a moment's peace when your newborn is asleep, but we all know each phase of development only lasts a short while.

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The Unbearable, the Sadness and the Rest

Clementine Schneidermann's photographs of Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent, have won her this year's Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award.

Image copyright Clementine Schneidermann
Image copyright Clementine Schneidermann

Schneidermann moved to the Welsh town, having completed her photographic studies at the University of South Wales, in Newport.

Image copyright Clementine Schneidermann
Image copyright Clementine Schneidermann
Image copyright Clementine Schneidermann

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Do the clothes we wear define us?

Firefighter Image copyright Simon Bray
Image caption Firefighter

New work by Simon Bray and Tristan Poyser explores the way in which our clothes shape us, that outer shell we use to accentuate or sometimes hide who we are.

The work, entitled Duality, is formed of diptychs, with each person posed in their own clothing and their workwear. The aim is to see how a viewer responds to the uniform and how it shapes their perception of that person - how we prejudge based on a uniform or a certain look and style.

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Crossing Paths: Five years, 150 towns, 1,500 British portraits

The Cut, Waterloo, South London - November 2013 Image copyright Niall McDiarmid

Niall McDiarmid has been photographing the people of Britain for five years now, though with the recent Brexit vote his work seems to have been given an extra edge. The work is far from political, but it's a real snapshot of a nation, with beautiful aesthetics thrown in. Here, McDiarmid speaks about the work.

The project began in early 2011, with a view to simply photographing interesting people I met on the street. After a couple of months, however, I started to focus on building a body of portraits that would be a celebration of British diversity, a social document of modern Britain.

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'A magical and unexplored place'

Trees at Castell Coch Image copyright Jon Pountney

Photographer Jon Pountney has been exploring the woodland around Castell Coch in south Wales while working as Cadw's artist in residence ahead of an exhibition.

The show is the culmination of three months work in a variety of lens-based art media and will include a large zoetrope inside the courtyard, as well as a camera obscura inside a caravan pitched on the green.

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Through The Night - the passion of motorsport

Spa 6 Hours classic motor racing Image copyright Lara Platman

Lara Platman has been photographing motorsport for many years, capturing both the beauty of the machine, their power, the fans and the people who sit behind the wheel.

Her latest project focuses on the endurance races, the 24-hour slog through Le Mans, the Spa Six Hours and the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique amongst others.

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Double exposure: Lost moments recaptured

Sunderland, England, 1973 / York, England, 2016 Image copyright Sarah Amy Fishlock

I have long been an admirer of the sensitive work by Sarah Amy Fishlock, and her latest series is no exception. Beloved Curve is an intensely personal piece, revolving around the death of her father, Michael, more than 10 years ago, when she was 18. Here, Sarah speaks about the pictures.

My father's absence has often felt like a protracted one-sided conversation.

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Hammers fans say farewell to Upton Park

West Ham flags at Upton Park Image copyright Marcus Drinkwater

A number of Premier League teams have now moved from a stadium that had been their home for many decades, and West Ham United played their last game at the Boleyn Ground, often referred to as at Upton Park, at the end of last season.

The club's first game at their new home, the Olympic Stadium, in Stratford, east London, is the second leg of their Europa League qualifying third-round tie against NK Domzale on 4 August.

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