Richard Moss, Political editor, North East & Cumbria

Richard Moss Political editor, North East & Cumbria

This is the home of my irreverent - but hopefully insightful - northern take on reporting politics for Look North and Sunday Politics

Breast cancer drug stand-off "not helping patients"

13 August 2014
Pharmaceutical production line
The breast cancer drug Kadcyla rolls off the production line

The decision that breast cancer drug Kadcyla wouldn't be available routinely on the NHS understandably hit the headlines on TV, radio and in the press.

It seemed to pitch drug giant Roche against the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the group which decides what treatments the health service can afford.

But on closer examination this stand-off seems to be the latest stage of a phoney war between officials and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the short term, hopefully very few patients will actually end up missing out on a drug which does appear to be producing some remarkable results.

But it does raise questions about the whole way cancer treatment drugs are dealt with by the NHS.

Extend life

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Can Osborne deliver on northern powerhouse pledge?

27 June 2014
George Osborne
George Osborne has spoken about creating a northern powerhouse

George Osborne has spoken about creating a northern powerhouse in the region's towns and cities.

At the heart of that was the idea of a new HS3 high speed rail link between Leeds and Manchester.

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The strange death of the Conservative working vote

13 June 2014
Conservative club members in Seaham playing and watching snooker
Conservative club members in Seaham are keen on snooker but not so impressed by the current party leadership

On the face of it, Seaham is not a town where you'd expect to find many Tories.

This former mining community in County Durham has had Labour MPs for almost a century now. It's in one of the party's safest seats.

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European Commissioner warning to North East on EU exit

4 May 2014
Johannes Hahn
EU regional policy commissioner Johannes Hahn says grants have helped create thousands of jobs

A European Union commissioner has warned that if the UK were to leave the EU, the North East of England could be hit harder than other parts of the country.

Regional policy commissioner Johannes Hahn told BBC's Sunday Politics that less developed regions like the North East would be likely to suffer more if Britain was outside the EU.

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UKIP confident of winning first North East Euro-seat

1 May 2014
Richard Moss and Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage on a visit to the North East tells me why he's targeting Labour votes

With the smallest electorate and only three seats, the North East of England's Euro-constituency has always been a tough place for anyone other than the main Westminster political parties.

But it's a measure of UKIP's progress in the last few years that they are privately confident of taking one of those seats.

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Miners' Strike: Calls for amnesty and inquiry

7 April 2014
Miners and police on a picket line
Miners and police on the picket line during the 1984 strike

Florence Anderson had always had respect for the law and the police.

But in 1985, she was convicted of threatening behaviour while on a picket line at Eppleton in County Durham during the Miners' Strike.

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North East missing out on TV and film production money

21 March 2014
Wolf from Wolfblood programme
CBBC programme Wolfblood is one of the few major dramas shot entirely in the North East

On the face of it this has been a good week for television in the North East of England.

BBC children's programme The Dumping Ground won a Royal Television Society award, beating fellow nominee Wolfblood. Both are shot entirely in the North East.

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Businessman in drive to cut north's youth unemployment

14 March 2014
Bill Marley and young workers in a factory
Bill Marley talks to some of the young recruits at the factory he's set up in County Durham

Bill Marley has spent more than 30 years working in manufacturing.

But his latest venture is less about making money and more about changing lives.

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Users warn EU e-cigarette controls could cost lives

27 February 2014
Woman smoking an electronic cigarette
E-cigarettes are an increasingly popular alternative way of getting a nicotine hit

Supporters say electronic cigarettes are saving thousands of lives, detractors believe they could be dangerous and are making smoking seem sexy.

But following a decision in the European Parliament their availability will be restricted in the future.

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Councils set to defy government's tax freeze appeal

10 January 2014
Council tax bill
The government says it's providing money to help freeze council tax

The government has promised a council tax freeze - but many local authorities don't appear ready to deliver it.

A number of northern councils in particular say they simply can't afford to leave bills unchanged.

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About Richard

Richard is the political editor for the North East and Cumbria.

He has worked for the BBC since 1997, and has worked as a journalist in the region for 20 years.

He's interviewed three Prime Ministers and hundreds of other politicians, covering everything from parish councils to US presidential elections.

Richard grew up near Cockermouth in Cumbria, and now lives in the North East.

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